Herod Meets Jesus — Rick Renner

Herod was euphoric to meet Jesus and wanted to see him perform a miracle, but Jesus refused. Watch what happened in today’s program with Rick Renner. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

In these lessons that Rick teaches in his television series, he shares information you’ve probably never heard about the world’s most famous event — the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You’ll learn about the occurrences of Jesus’ last days on earth, including the heart, emotions, and humanity of the Savior during those final hours. Jesus suffered the deepest kind of pain, agony, and betrayal because of His great love for you. https://renner.org/product/unknown-facts-about-the-death-burial-and-resurrection-of-jesus-christ-25-part-series/

In Paid in Full, Rick Renner offers unforgettable insights into the heart, emotion, and humanity of Jesus final days on this earth. Providing a brilliant historical backdrop and drawing from his studies of New Testament Greek, Rick guides you through an uncommon look at each encounter along Christs journey from Gethsemane to Golgotha. https://renner.org/product/paid-in-full-2/


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  1. Dear Rick Renner, could you please address the Outlook considering that Herod Antipas was the leader that beheaded John the Baptist and the back story regarding Jared talking to John and being grieved about the request of Solomi

  2. when I wrote you build up the russian army it ws not so wrong bc all who watches you are building up. (and lots of russians gain powers through your teachings)(and they need it.. even Wladimir Putin) (world is a hard place)and we have it in own hand how and what we do with it. (a little bit powers here a little bit there a little there and Birthdaycake is ready.


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