Healing The Broken Heart – Guillermo Maldonado | July 14, 2019

How can a broken heart be healed?

There are experiences in our lives that cause trauma and wounds in our hearts.

A person who has a broken heart, cannot have an intimate relationship with God.

When the enemy has your heart captive, he will have control and authority over almost every area in your life including finances, family, relationships, and even at your work place.

But, when your heart is in God’s hands, He takes control of all circumstances of your life and you can enter into a place of rest and freedom.

What are the strategies of the enemy to take your heart captive?
– Thoughts of suicide
– Depression
– Bitterness
– Past Traumas
– Lack of forgiveness

If there are areas in your life or in your heart that are still hurt due to past traumas and difficult situations, listen to this message. God wants to heal your heart today!

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Comment (12)

  1. Hello king jesus ministry pray for me and my family who need anointed spiritual fathers to have relationship with us cos no one here in darlington england are anointed there is a demonic spirit attached to my family through satanic ritual abuse we all pray Read tith sow to the feasts of the lord etc but we cant get forward can you all at king jesus ministry pray for Sarah violet Thomas shanelle and myself Matthew Hilton for gods hand to break the dark powers and heal the hearts in yeshuas name amen

  2. Apostle Guillermo Maldona play pray for me, heal me from the pain and suffering l'm going through anoint me wit the holy blood of my Lord God Jesus Christ of Nazareth Hallelujah Praise the Lord


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