Healing Is Here 2019: Day 1, Session 3 – Andrew Wommack

Healing Is Here 2019: Day 1, Session 3 – Andrew Wommack


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  1. Help me see myself without sinusitis Father God. Help me get it from my Spirit and into my mind. Thank You that You want me well and Jesus bought my health and restoration.

  2. I havent even listened to the sermon yet and im burst in tears hearing all the countries believers are from, God is POWER, sooo GOOD!

  3. I'm from Trinidad. It blessed my heart to see so many people from all over the world at this conference. It means that the truth of God's Word as taught by Andrew Wommack Ministries is being heard all over the world. And that's awesome!
    It's truly a blessing for me to be able to view the conference. It's like I'm a part of it. I believe that one day I too will be able to attend one of these conferences. I would sooo love to visit beautiful Colorado and be a part of this wonderful ministry

  4. My dear brother, I've waiting on what I would call "a creative miracle", maybe I'm wrong, but anyhow I started having very serious dental issues 5 years ago and I have been believing for my healing. I've dreamt 3 different times that I was totally healed. I was wondering what you thought of this? When you talk about your both buildings that you drew up, it makes me think of my dreams. What do you think? I truly want to glorify God with all my heart. Thank you. I pray that your ministry continues to be blessed in Jesus' name.


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