Hank Kunneman Prophecy: Prophetic Word: URGENT Alert with Mario Murillo ‘I shall settle the score’

Hank Kunneman Prophetic Word: URGENT Prophetic Alert with Mario Murillo ‘I shall settle the score’
Hank Kunneman, Mario Murillo and Lance Wallnau were on Flashpoint Dec 17, 2020 and shared this power prophetic word.


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Comment (30)

  1. God bless all four of you you lift me up when I start to feel down people around me keep saying that Biden will get in and I keep my mouth shut but I really believe that Trump will get in and you help me maintain that believe God bless you again thank you.

  2. Hank said they have touched the children. I'm looking forward to the pedophiles being revealed and children being set Free . Lin Wood spoke about that happening.

  3. Wow,wow,WOW! Isn’t this the best inside information this year!!!! I have warned friendly Dems that something will happen,but they are all too smug in the “ unofficial results.”
    David knelt down and gathered two smooth stones placed there by GOD ALMIGHTY long befor. DOWN came Goliath.OFF came his head.

  4. Our strength will be in what we know about God. That is what we need to cling to now. Unwavering truths of His Goodness and Mercy…That He is about Righteousness and Truth and Justice…and that He gives us the fruit of our lips…and that He loves us and cares about us more than we can imagine…He continually saves and protects and provides, and still has a harvest of souls to reap. He cannot deny who He is! That is my biggest comfort! He CANNOT DENY WHO HE IS! He does NOT, Never has, never will, bless evil and corruption and wickedness in high places! He will NEVER act out of character to who He Is!!

  5. The Washington Monument is struck twice by lighting each year on the high side and once every 2 years on the low side. The Statue of Liberty is struck several hundred times each year! So his point is????


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