Had Enough Yet?/Shout Out the Grace! | Bishop Keith Butler | February 28, 2021

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  1. God is so good on Sunday my sister and neice was traveling down south in Alabama they were driving home and there was bullets being fired and 4 bullets hit here truck my sister on the passenger side when the bullet hit the windshield, she got down on the passenger floor, my neice was driving she was yelling yelling Jesus to take the wheel another bullet hit one of here tires, another one came and hit in the back seat, my neice took her hands off the wheel and the vehicle was traveling with the hands to guide but we know when she yelled Jesus take the wheel he did, I am shouting Grace, Grace, Grace God will do for us when we call on him he will answer right away, gratefully for their protection and that I was among the believers and at service praying in the spirit to know that my family is part of winning and Victory, Glory to God.


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