Guillermo Maldonado 3 on It's Supernatural with Sid Roth – Glory of God

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  1. I want to be humble here because when I have realisation I in the past have thought it was a new idea and tend to act like the wise teacher instead of the witness to where the message came from and is going and the success and shortcomings of my part of the realisation. So humbly I say the first time I watched this ministry (Sid Roth) I was healed of a terrible toilet problem I have had for twenty years but the healing only stayed three days or so. I have had healings for the same problem for around the same amount of time from faith in a food type (marsdam cheese in my case) and from faith in living. But somehow it could be that I let go of my faith or it is somehow dismissed.

    This ministry (Sid Roth) came at just the right time as I had recently reconnected with my Father (I hear from him every week since I was born but usually little connection) and a few weeks ago I pushed forward with faith into the darkness of my ignorance about my Father and God somewhere in him and my ignorance into why things were so rough between us and by him to my Mother and how I became rough and have felt such deep shame that I have not had a romantic partner in over 20 years. I guess I know your ministry and that type of faith even in non-abrahamic faiths works and how Jesus is the message that God’s love is far more powerful than God’s war if we seek or attract it in the right way for the types of beings we are or know.

    I think that I need the faith from this ministry in a form that is compatible with denial of innocence, because I think that is where I keep going when I loose the healings that I have had work on myself. I mean that the sense that believes in the denial of innocence has enough truth to stay but it is harming me instead of healing me, I think that sense needs to learn greater wisdom and many more forms of it’s truth in more healing virtue empowering way. Also it could be that when I am blind that I am selfishly not allowing the healing to help those around me As well as myself that I often lose the healing too. So in thanks I say, every blessing to all forms of healing and the infinite virtuous and infinite morally and ethically neutral actions that do no harm, and blessings to virtuous restraint, and to bettering and not forgetting questions and answers from those that we have met in life and it could be a good idea to remember them to the highest virtuous authority when we discover paths to that authority, and that we do and can improve the steps towards better and better virtue and take steps towards better and better healing. Thanks again.

  2. this ministry helps me a lot ..since our local church dead. i been drain spiritually. but since i start watching this program i feel the strenght spiritually..i share to my co leaders in the church and also they feel the anoiting of God came to this ministry!!!

  3. PASTOR MALDONADO: Pls pray for me to be healed from fibrositis of the lungs, enlarged heart, arthritis, vision loss, constant fatigue, poor appetite & not able to get a good night's rest.

    Peace, Chris.

  4. In 2017 I was with Guillermo Maldonado in Israel. This was my first time in Israel and we went to the TV station . We had great services with Guillermo Maldonado and his wife. People got healed instantly .
    Thank you Jesus.

  5. Este enbustero de Guillermo Maldonado igual que todos estos herejes de la prosperidad ANA MALDONADO,BENNY GILL ,ANA MENDEZ ,SESAR C ASTELLANOS, CACH LUNA,DINA SANTAMARIA BILIGRAN,DANTE GEBELL LOS CANTANTES ACTUALES DE LA MUSICA MODERNA LIADOS A LOS APOSTOLES PERVERSOSentre otros lobos bestidos de obejas lo que son santeros agnosticos agoreros siguen la doctrine del DALAY LAMA saca el gigante que esta dentro de ti,miralo declaralo aceptalo resibelo???imagina y suenia prosperidad en vivo???

  6. Hallelujah glory to my god always and forever I loved this message very powerful I love you lord Jesus am desperate for you I want that anointing that this man of god has oh glory to you lord Jesus Christ for you are the true god and eternal life I bless u my precious saviour am in love with you I want more of you my king Jesus Christ and I want none of me I worship you lord with all that's in me I just want to sing and glorifying your awesome name all day and night I will never get tired of praising your holy beautiful name I will follow you lord all the days of my life AMEN!

  7. james reder be very careful what you say against GODS servants.  tapes and videos cannot save your sister she needs to accept JESUS as her LORD and savior stop blaming others for your mistakes you need to wake up and hear the truth.  if you don't accept JESUS as your LORD and savior you are lost!!!!!!!!!!its you and your sisters decision not the tapes or videos  


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