God Has Already Made You Rich – Apostle Leroy Thompson Sr. #MoneyCometh

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  1. One woman man! Praise God Apostle Leroy. You are wise because that is how godly men fall by forgetting who went through life and struggle with them and for a minute of glory they give up and mess up their ministry and life. Money, glory and women are 3 things to watch out for. Learning the word about finances as God instructs us is what must be done to give Him glory and Iive a blessed life

  2. God has delivered me Supernaturally to be done with college debt this year! I have favor to be a billionaire right now! Glory to God!!

  3. I have Favor, Blessings, and Properity cause of God, God is My Source I'm obedient in Faith I Know Will Do It,  Already Rich I am Jesus is a Seed word Of God is a Seed . Amen

  4. I believe this wholeheartedly. At first I started studying true/biblical prosperity reluctantly because of the religious stigma on prosperity, but the more I had need the more I sought God. And the more I sought God the more He showed me that He has made me rich already. The word proves it; Just accept it and walk in it.


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