God Did A Financial Miracle: KCM Partners Joshua and Iliana Bugler Testimony

In this video, Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Partners Dr. Joshua and Iliana Bugler share their many financial miracle testimonies.

They have discovered how to live in God’s blessing by walking by faith, trusting God, having faith in the integrity of His Word and sowing financial seeds in order to receive a supernatural financial miracle.

The Bulgers are Founders and Senior Pastors of West Coast Believers Center International in Visalia, Calif. Over and over again they have experienced financial miracle testimonies in their ministry and lives.

The first testimony that they shared was when Joshua needed surgery for a meniscus tear. The cost for the surgery was $12,000. The Buglers felt God had told them to sow a seed, or made a sizable financial donation, with the expectation that the Lord would reward their faithfulness and obedience by providing the money for Johsua’s surgery. They prepared a check on Tuesday. On Wednesday, just 24 hours later, Joshua received the news that a $10,000 check was coming his way.

“We just knew God told us to do it, and before we even got it in the ground, the seed had already produced itself.” Iliana says. “And that’s been happening a lot. It’s not something that, oh is just this one time. It keeps happening. We purpose in our hearts to do something for God and the harvest comes.”

The Buglers share two more financial miracle testimonies in this video. One relates to a financial miracle they needed right before Christmas. The other happened just before they took their daughter to Australia to serve in ministry. In both cases, the Buglers needed a financial miracle to cover their expenses while they were doing what they felt the Lord directing them to do.

“Our partnership with KCM has taught us how to, on purpose, enjoy a good life and, not only be blessed, but to be put into a position to truly be a blessing to others,” says Joshua. “We’re just grateful for it. It’ll work for anybody.”

Watch Dr. Joshua and Iliana Bugler’s video and see the financial miracle testimonies for yourself. And visit KCM.org/partnership to learn about partnership and understand how to walk in God’s financial blessing for yourself.


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  1. Praise ALL MIGHTY GOD ! YHWH STRONG AND MIGHTY I'm believing Him for the same and gladly expecting to see it manifest! Can't wait to testify for the Glory of Our Loving Father in the Name of Yeshua Our Messiah!


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