Gifts of the Holy Spirit part 20 by Lester Sumrall

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  1. I also appreciate all these teachings by one of most humble men I've ever heard preach. I got his book on pioneers of the faith, and it was great. We are such a spoiled and weak generation of believer's these days. The trials and tribulations these great men and women of faith went thru in the days gone by are amazing. Every christian should study about those who laid the foundation of our faith. It will really make you appreciate the freedom we have these days to worship God; especially here in the United States. A lot of believer's in other countries are still persecuted greatly if they choose to follow Jesus' teachings. Over 45 million underground christians in China alone (in 1994) who have to gather in secret. We are soooo blessed here in the USA

  2. Thanks for sharing theses powerful messages of God's Word from brother sumrall…..would you happen to have his teaching on "Depensations"? Thanks

  3. The deeper aspect s of Faith comes from GOD Building you up to that point because you know what HE can do ,HE done it in your life many times.

  4. There is no fear, only Faith
    There are no failures, only Lessons.
    Words spoken to me after praying, going through a divorce. I repeat them often to myself.

  5. I'm a little lost after Part 20 (Gift of Faith) and Part 22 (Gift of Working Miracles) there seems to be missing Part 21 (Gift of Healing). Can you let us know where the teaching is on the Gift of Healing?

  6. Thanks for sharing these videos, please, can you help upload those with longer duration. Its easier to follow and track than these ones with shorter clips.

  7. Thank you so much for posting all these Lester Sumrall videos! Can you post the compulsive obsession series if you can. I don't see it anywhere else on youtube. I don't have cable so its great you have posted so many videos of Lester Sumrall. Im sure it has helped a lot of people out watching them. God bless

  8. Speaking to a mountain to be cast into the sea? Is this about a supernatural gift of faith, something we can not have unless it is given by the Spirit?..the manifestation of faith, here, which brings about that which is impossible for us.


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