Gifts of the Holy Spirit part 18 by Lester Sumrall

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  1. This is so good yes such a great teacher and minister and it's just down to earth and he's very interesting and very loyal to the Holy Spirit and it is very sad these days that there are no churches that are like this anymore there no pastors like this anymore and it's a very lonely world at this time and we need to come back to this ….all these basic things

  2. Thank God you preach the truth, where else in the world can we hear the truth. Open your hearts folks to Jesus, he is waiting for you. He is watching and listening. The time of the Rapture is close. God bless us all! AMEN!

  3. Thank you indeed for this particular teaching on discernment. Apart from Derek Prince's teaching and others of Lester Sumrall's caliber this is truly straight from The HOLYSPIRIT. For those who aren't called, and can't and won't live by The HOLYSPIRIT rules… get out!


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