Fufu is killing Africans – Mensa Otabil


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  1. Dr. was just trying to create fun on a content you guys aren't getting. When he speaks, pick the content not a particular portion that you can criticize.

  2. A lot of people got their toes hit…
    This Dr. Is refering to a mindset still engraved on African people habits… of course there's foods that are to be eaten with fingers
    That's why they called finger foods

    It's an African mindset…. superstition, poverty mindset, never wanting to pay people for their market value,
    Crab mentality, being loud and lacking knowledge

    It's sad…
    Also God has created so many different varieties foods… why some people are stuck on the same dish for a lifetime

  3. Such an unintelligent assumption and conclusion. Say you've stopped eating fufu, and stop there. Don't say it's killing africans etc, without facts to support that claim. Why not find a solution, instead of abandoning and condemning it, especially as you still like the product? This way of thinking saddens me:(

  4. Dr. I totally disagree with you. Our forefathers ate with their fingers yet lived longer life. Preach the gospel and stop lambasting against Fufu. The new way of thinking is to scorn our traditional way of life? That's completely false!

  5. I was very ill after eating from on boll, because of the filty hands. You do not now were people's hands were and how they clean them.

  6. This is pure nonsense, one can still eat with a spoon and end up swallowing poisonous metals or plastics into their system. Give that speech to idiots. So if fufu has a lot of bacteria in it and you have eaten it all your life, why aren't you dead by now? He is diverting attention from stealing stealing his bank's money

  7. The African is so confused… Pastor Otabil has been a good influencer but this is just wrong… Has Pastor Otabil seen an Asian eat noodles? Does he know how the Japanese make their rice cake? Hmm… the African was told that everything African was bad and until this day he believes… We are so lost.

  8. Mensah otabil do you think? Mensah otabil Multiple questions , are you mentally correct? If fufu is killing African, what's killing Europeans, Americans ,Asians and other nations? This mensah otabil is foolish and unthinkable.

  9. I love your messages man of God but this one i don't agree. I hear you but i don't agree because in Ghana eating with fork and knife is used to express one's status. We will eat with our hands and can still be hygenic

  10. when a black man thinks he knows too mch and has nun to tell his concregation, so he is saying i shud eat kenkey with spoon..this nigga is cray cray AF

  11. Sorry, I am African and living in USA. Those who chose to live longer and healthy here in US now stay away for Starch, Carbohydrates, refined oils and sugars. The largest killers especially of the dark skin is Carbs ( Fufu). I do not eat fufu anymore but substitute with protein grains (Myself a Pastor). Man of God, you are right. If they do not listen now, they will in the grave.

  12. This is an antiquated pathetic and unbelieveable expression masqueraded as christian preaching that I have ever heard. The guy is a fraud and its about time people see him for who he is. This is not biblical escatology. Tell us Mr Otabil. Have you ever been to MacDonalds? Do you see people eating there with cutlery at MacDonalds?

    Do you have any research to proove that people who use cutlery have better health outcomes ? This is something you pulled out of thin air just to chastise people who eat with their hand. More importantly, you are just belittling others rather than preach the esculpatory word of God

  13. I'm black from America and we eat fried chicken, burgers,fries, sandwiches and pizza with our hands, so with that being said, he said it's not a white thing. Eating with your hands is natural and it's not nasty, we all do it. There is not shame in something so organic and timeless.

  14. One thing I noticed is that some of our old Pastors don't want to speak the true gospel they are afriad to share because they are rich now and they're afraid to die may the Lord have mercy on them those who like to change the massage Jesus is coming soon repent


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