From Rock Bottom to Victory in Finances—KCM Partner Testimony

Longtime KCM Partners Larry and Pam Winters were once newlyweds and newfound believers with a business dream in their hearts, but they were met with financial problems right off the bat.

A couple of years into their walk with the Lord, Larry’s friend lent him his car to be washed, letting him borrow it for the night. Driving the car on the way to a business meeting, Larry decided to pop in one of his friend’s cassette tapes. That was the first time he had ever heard Kenneth Copeland speak. It was also the first time he had ever heard that it was OK for Christians to live prosperous, victorious lives. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing!

When Larry returned the car, his friend gave him the Kenneth Copeland series, Authority of the Believer, and that is when Larry and Pam’s lives really began to change. Over the next several years, Larry lost his job and steady income. Larry and Pam were making below the poverty line and were resorting to collecting aluminum from dumpsters to make ends meet. They had hit rock bottom, but they continued to immerse themselves in God’s Word, in Kenneth Copeland’s teachings, and in the Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine.

It wasn’t long before their lives began to change rapidly. Their fledgling of a business experienced a supernatural growth unheard of even today!

Throughout their financial struggles, Larry and Pam were faithful in their sowing and continued to apply God’s principles in their lives—now they’re living the prosperous, victorious life God promises!

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6 Ways to Tackle Money Problems:

6 Ways to Tackle Money Problems

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  1. Thank you for never quitting!!! If you did, my boyfriend and I wouldn't be in business today. You guys have changed thousands of lives. Thank you!!!! I can't wait until we qualify to be at your farm.

  2. Larry and Pam have blessed my life too. They've never met me, but because of what they did, I joined their business team and found out about the forgiveness, salvation, and prosperity God has for me. I found out I was created for a purpose bigger than myself, and I found out about hope that would reach into the darkest moments of my life. Now my greatest goal is to give that hope to as many others as possible.


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