For God Has Not Given You The Spirit Of Fear — Rick Renner – 2 Timothy

God tells us in 2 Timothy that He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Learn more about what this means today, and learn about why we do not have to fear as followers of Christ. Learn more at

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  1. Sometimes Satan can disguise himself as if he were one of your deceased loved ones who has supposedly come back from the dead. That happened to me. I thought I saw my Dad trying to get me. But it seemed like I used the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the thing left!!!

  2. Wait a minute, it wasn't nothing they could do for you when they threaten your life, but we he threatened his life now it's against the law? Really

  3. So true about the spirit of fear making you a coward.

    My sister found a lump in her breast and didn't go to the doctor. More than 10 years later, she was having vision problems. The doctor thought it have had something to do with her kidneys. When they did an MRI, they discovered cancer all over her body. It was stage 4. I asked her why she waited so long since she had discovered the lump much earlier. She said she knew it was cancer. If she had sought treatment early on, it wouldn't have spread.

  4. Such annointed teachings that open the eyes of believers who have been wrongly taught for years as I was. Teaching you can trust…that is exactly right!!!

  5. Diabolos is using the main stream media, the public schools, and the universities to beat a whole through the fabric of the family and all the values of work, and Almighty God in the USA. We are reaping the fruits of this today. Communist and islamic groups infiltrate all public unrest to toil them into violence against the country that has given them opportunity and home. BUT GOD be for us who be against us? WE the Body of Christ MUST speak a road of FAITH to SAVE OUR NATION!! It's NOT time for the NWO unless we give in to diabolos, and I WON'T!! Amen.

  6. Thank you brother Rick for the candidness of your testimony! It’s good to hear and know that I’m not alone when it comes to the temptations we ALL face!!! God bless you, your family and Ministry!!!


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