Rod Parsley, pastor of World Harvest Church in Columbus, OH, recently posted a video (which he took down by the way) about the recent events occurring in this country. Parsley said absolutely nothing about the racism or police brutality. He took the time to justify white supremacy. I find it interesting how a man who pastors a lot of black folk conveniently ignores the issues that affects his members.

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  1. Let me add this, because I forgot to mention it. Comparing slavery to a "birth defect" is nothing but insulting. Also, using a quote from a racist, Winston Churchill, doesn't help your argument of unity. It only justifies your position of white supremacy.

  2. Last time I checked, there is no color in the kingdom of God. There is no African, no Chinese, no Mexican . . . So what you are doing is trying to separate because of a world we are in, but not apart of. You see color and have a massive plank in your eye. I see 5 appointed gifts in the body, exposing people, not one of them. Grace and love covers, he’s trying for peace and unity. If you are truly a Christian, you should repent.

  3. I ALWAYS knew that this man was not real…akways. His "black" theatrics never fooled me. As soon I see his face on TV I immediately changed the channel…Always. So hearing this info is not surprising to me.

  4. Rod needs to research history for making such a false statement this nation was built on racism and white supremacy slave labor. not all the so called founding fathers freed there slaves in or after their lifetime .

  5. Rod Parsley GTFO with that hypocritical bullshit. Silent no more? STFU and go somewhere . I agree black people need to wake up and wait following this guy.

  6. I was raised Mennonite. My ancestors never owned slaves. My ancestors never took up arms against anyone. My ancestors tried to deal honestly and equally with all, no matter their color. Yet, by virtue of my skin color, I was singled out by blacks and abused in my neighborhood, when a child.
    And it seems that I, as a white, am simply not allowed to speak the truth from my own heart.
    I have to repeat after the leaders of the current upheaval.
    What have I done wrong, that I should be so judged?

  7. Rod Parsley you are full of it you're straight up racism I'm not going to stand up for your damn ass fathers they in hell you going go with them if you don't change the your heart, I really found out the truth about you,you don't care about black people you just want that money, and plus you're losing your grip

  8. He was basically stunting for trump and he has no idea what black people continue to go through, and once again admonishing us not to hate, that in itself is laughable. He sits in a lofty perch of white privilege provided by the very slaves he insists were freed? If I were a black congregant and heard this I would have walked out. Black folk yall just sit down shut up and keep those tithes and offerings rolling in.

  9. Missed the part where he told anyone to shut up. Saying let go of bitterness and hate applies to all people of all colors. It's what the Bible says.

  10. it's a matter of fact I love all black people and was raised with black people not white people so don't be dead and every including everybody in in your whatever you want to call it we should love each other. Right

  11. This land was given to all of us by God this is the second promised Land has nothing to do with slavery I really hope to God that the holy spirit will tell you the truth that he gave us this land this isn't a prejudice land the people make it that don't run our blessing your blessing to acknowledge it get off the prejudice s***

  12. Slavery was not a Birth defect. You are not born a racist. You are taught it. Parsley showed who he is. There is no way I am sitting in a church where the Pastor is a staunch supporter of Donald "KKK" Trump.

  13. This nation wasn’t founded, the indigenous tribes of this land never misplaced their land, it was taken. Even as he speaks he is ignorant of what he is saying! This sounds like the church version of MAGA, which is the problem. If you are making America great again then you are going to repeat the unjust actions of the past!

  14. as a white bible believing christian from mississippi let me explain what is happening….rod parsley and ALL national TV preachers are ALL multi millionaires who are white supremacists, NO exceptions. they want to protect the current leadership and establishment that protects thier wealth, its ALL about the $$$$$$. white christians who are TRUE biblical christians who are not racists make up about 15%-20% of white U.S. christians, sadly 80% are NOT following Jesus or biblical chriatianity but are following cultural christianity that rejects most of Jesus's words. ….and america was NEVER EVER a "christian nation"…..white churches in the south supported slavery, supported segregation, and support trump. as a true white christian I ask all my black and brown brothers and sisters to forgive us.


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