Florida Pastor Arrested for Having Church | Rodney Howard Browne | Best Responses | Compilation

There is a way bigger picture with the arrest of Pastor Rodney Howard Browne, we need to see beyond the virus. I respect authority, and I believe the Church is without walls especially for the mature believer. It’s an interesting debate as to whether church is an essential service during this time or not.
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Comment (42)

  1. Let me clarify my stance, I respect authority, and I do believe that the church is without walls, however I feel when you get arrested for having church, when there is social distancing and precautions taken just like everyone at Walmart etc. it’s gone to far.

    Update: Gov Ron Desantis put Religious Activities as Essential Activities in the order that will go in affect tomorrow night at midnight.

    Church is Open!!!

  2. Hey Marcus…faith is not being mocked…pastors are MOCKING GOD AND THE GOVERNMENT…tou arw just as blind and a mocker yourself for standing with these idiots who think they can mock GOD EVERY SUNDAY…YOU need to wake up before YOUR times runs out

  3. All this "Pastor" wants is your money…he cant get into your pocket if you are at home…people acting the government shut down church INDEFINITELY…CHURCHES arw shut down long enough to rid this country of a virus…he could do just like all the other "Pastors" and go online with his "preaching"…but wait, then the church would be losing MONEY just like all the other "Businesess" who infortunately had to shut their doors…i haven't seen one business open their doors without permission to do so…the bible says that the governments were put in place to PUNISH lawbreakers…i say, lock up dumb ass and all others who think they are above the LAW

  4. All you people who stand with a "Pastor" who clearly defies the governing powers who put into effect safety measures to keep everyone safe, then you are just as dumb as him

  5. I am proud for what he did. The only thing people Come up with is he did it for the money. Please, most people give online. That’s what I did when my pastor closed the church down for several months ( i am now not a member of they church anymore). Charges were dropped from pastor Rodney and because of his faith to stand up for the gospel and no one was forced to attend his services. They did so because they wanted too. I now attend the River church because the power of God is so strong there and the anointing Is real.

  6. Abortions, rioting/looting, & liquor stores are considered essential. What twisted values American society has adopted from the enemy [Satan]. You can social distance/wash your hands. The churches have gotten weak. I just recently re-dedicated my life to the Lord. Wake up people !! Jesus said he will spit out the "lukewarm".

  7. Christians made ever excuse to stay home and watch church online. They only care about a car wash service. I love the river church and the power of God is so strong because the people are Hungary.

  8. I did say he shouldn't have open. But when I heard he did at first, for 2weeks when the president said to close first 2 weeks. I was shocked.
    So I apologised to him for thinking that he totally disobeyed. Now God has me worshipping with him 27 days now.

  9. There is a girl call SpeakHerVoiceToo. She is the 2nd person I can say is a fake person, I won't even call her a preacher, but she condemns every person she possible can.

  10. He was not arrested, he turned himself in, after they had the arrest warrant out. He was given back his money, He was exonerated. Shut up. Church is the place of healing and for those who don't know. Hes still standing up for our 1st amendment.
    He has church 27 days. Now, that same sheriff is now his friend lol. Because he was wrong.

  11. The CONSTITUTION is the law, no order Trump's the CONSTITUTION. That's why in 3 days everything was overturned, and Pastor Rodney is suing the hell out of everyone he can. Lol, I bet nobody will mess with that pastor again.

  12. Matthew 4:5-7 "Then the devil took him [Jesus] to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written: 'He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.' Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test."

  13. These idiot police will burn in hell for 'doing their job' that exuse is not going to fly with God. These enforcers are the ONLY reason all of this is happening to our nation. Even Hitler could not have accomplished his goals without his 'enforcers.' May they burn in hell.

  14. No debate needed,if you are walking in love,you will not allow people to meet.Government rules or not. Rodney howard are putting peoples lives at risk. This is not an attack on Christianity at all.Its a virus thats real.Lets follow rules for now,like the flu epidemic this will pass eventually.Then people can gather again.This wont last forever.Please respect reality and science for now.

  15. 0:49 This isn't about the church. This is about this pastor risking his congregation's lives even though they could have just attended to church at home and just send the money through Paypal or in the mail. I am pretty sure Jesus wouldn't want people putting themselves in harm's way when they don't have to.

  16. If your a believer then you need to open your eyes and see what is going on here! The socialist Democrats are trying to close down the church! for good!!!! We are in a war here! why can Walmart, liquor stores, abortion clinics and marijuana clinics be considered Essential but Church is not????? People need tobe in church more than ever right now! right now the secular media is filling the worlds hearts with fear!! Wake up people!! God is trying to get our attention! its a time of repentance!!!

  17. As a true believer of Jesus Christ i believe that the most important thing in this world is our faith.Trust God completely. church gathering must not stop.Gathering of true believers to worship God is what this wicked world needs.This corona virus is satans way to try to weaken the church.we are being attack lets fight for our faith. TO ALL TRUE BELIEVERS WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHEN US.HAVE REAL FAITH.

  18. Why did the authorities did not arrested the abortion places in America,instead they arrested this pastor for opening a church,if he is guilty,how much more are the abortion places in America?

  19. Church does not need to be in person – every other church in the world is meeting online now. Rodney Howard Browne knows that he will not make as much money when congregants are not there in person. He is a thief not a man of God; this shows his utter disregard for people, whom this evil man only sees as a commodity


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