Faith over Fear: Sunday Special with Andrew and Friends – March 22, 2020

Can’t make it to church because of coronavirus closures? Great news: the kingdom of God is still open! Make plans to join us today, March 22, at 2:30 p.m. MT for a special live stream event with Andrew Wommack, Jesse Duplantis, Duane Sheriff, and John Tesh, who will be talking about trusting the Lord above all else.

Faith over Fear: Sunday Special with Andrew and Friends is a live streamed Sunday service and Bible study hybrid; the purpose is to encourage people, have fellowship, and talk about trusting the Lord; the focus will be the promises of God regarding our health, provision, and relationships. We will begin with a time of worship, led by Charlie and Jill LeBlanc, followed by a moderated chat and Q&A.

There are seeds of revival hidden in this virus. The time has come for Christians everywhere to unite and walk in the supernatural favor of God. The world is under supernatural attack, but what the enemy meant for evil, God can use for good (Genesis 50:20)!

So please, join us at 2:30 p.m. Mountain time, as well as each night this week for words of encouragement and hope from some of the best teachers. Let’s walk through this fire together and emerge without even the smell of smoke on our hair (Daniel 3:27)! The Lord has given Andrew a word for such a time as this . . . you won’t want to miss it!


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  1. Pastor Andrew Wommack I was woken by a dream from a former classmate mentioning about my hair style status, I had a hair cut yesterday and I am a hair stylist he asked about my long hair before status , I think some – one is playing practical pranks on that dream just in the morning just now and I called in the Name of Jesus this friend disappeared, Praise the Lord Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour.

  2. Christ died for our sins.
    The Lord Jesus Christ says, 'Open the door I will come into you.'
    Ask Him to come into your heart.
    He comes in by His Spirit.
    He promises, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'

  3. Amen…..I speak to my spirit…rise up and take the healing , total healing from glaucoma…It will have to bow down to my Saviour Lord my Healer Jesus Christ…! Eyes…I command you to see, 20/20 vision in Jesus Name!!

  4. I need healing from glaucoma..Pl pray with me…! Coronavirus is not a threat but Father…help me receive this miracle. Touch my eyes and heal me Lord Jesus!

  5. God bless you pleade pray for our son he has Autism and also prah for me his Mom Ruth and his Dad Ayele we are watching your all speech and Bible study our faith is growing daily thank you you are our blessing . Our son name is Isaac .God bless you more !

  6. This was an AWESOME message!! Each person was so encouraging…this is exactly what we need at a time like this to help us stand boldly agains the devil! I loved John's comment about "faith hygiene"…we all need that with all the fear being pushed in the world right now. Thank you AWMI for making these videos available!

  7. Everyone was so excited about the return of Christ, teaching about prophecies, etc.. Now that the process started everyone is desperate and misreading the prophetic times. This is the destruction of the financial system and preparation of the stage for the Antichrist. Am I the only one that can see it? Where are all the Bible Prophecy people?

  8. Hey Jesse….why don’t you use ONE of your planes to help feed people. People in America and in the world are suffering! The world is in crisis, Africa is in severe trouble from the locusts.

  9. Jesse Duplantis is LIFE! Such a bold and brave man of God! And so is Duane Sheriff whose message is so powerful and much needed! This is a great panel of amazing spirit-filled and God led men! Of course top is always Andrew Wommack for me. God has made Andrew my go-to, my peaceful place when I need to hear from him silently, calmly…


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