EXPOSED! Pastor Chris Shows Govt's Hidden Plan on New Lockdown, Covid-19 Vaccines & Covid-21

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Church has exposed the government’s hidden plan on New Lockdown, Covid-19 Vaccines and Covid-21 pandemic. Watch the video brought to you by JUVENIS Magazine. Drop your comments, questions, suggestions and subscribe to our page: *WhatsApp: +2348095463017

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Comment (27)

    Jesus did not died to send us a "book". He promised to send the gift of the Holy Spirit. Constantine (1st) beast compiled 50 bibles, legalized Christianity and set up the false prophet (pope). 666 is a number of a man, not a chip (RFID). King James (2nd) beast, born 6/­1566, 6th of Scotland, authorized a bible in 1611 that now has 66 books to control people with, an image of God's word they make to speak (the bible says!). They got mark by carrying it (bible) in their hand and memorize it (verses) in their head. By having faith in this idol, they break the new covenant of having faith in the Living Christ through the Holy Spirit, who is the true word of God under this new era. A book cannot replace our King. If you esteem the bible as the word of God by putting faith on it then you have taken the mark of the beast. The bible became only history and has no authority in this generation. The bible is good for history but not for faith. Our faith must only in the spirit. Don't steal the faith of God's people from the past, it will fail you. You cannot live by someone else's faith. You need your own faith to build upon and live by it until the end. The bible cannot lead you home (heaven), the Holy Spirit can. Ask Lord Jesus -Yeshua for the promise gift (Holy Spirit). Link: the-bible-is-the-mar­

  2. He is not wrong.. Indian variant is double mutant.. some are calling it covid21.. just yesterday a triple mutant an immune escape variant is found.. it may need nee vaccine.. so don't under estimate …

  3. This is a disgraceful and ignorant message which means that many more of his followers could die and will be responsible for the spread of the virus in many others. If all people were this stupid then we would be in lockdowns and isolation for many. Fortunately 97% of us older people have been vaccinated.

    I have never heard such dangerous rubbish from a so called man of god.

  4. According to Pastor Chris, we don't need hospitals, because we have faith? Has he really thought through how dangerous and misleading that can be? What is wrong with these so-called 'men of God?' They trust the white man when it comes to buying their Private Jet. But they cannot trust their medicine. Dear Lord, please help us all.

  5. Happy new year, child of God it is well with you and your family. God ministered to me in a revelation when I was on your profile to see things around you,l saw blessings but spiritual attacks holding onto them,in prayers,i saw a woman in the realm of the spirit monitoring and plotting delay in your life, with an evil mirror, and with a motive to destroy. But as I speak to you now her time is up, for God immediate intervention in your life, Render hand of favour with Anything you can afford or give to the motherless, sow it to (God's time motherless foundation) in Edo state nigeria before 2DAYS with faith, for God immediate intervention in your life, as I Rise my hands towards heaven and pray for you they shall serve as point of contact wherever you are, you will receive double portion of grace to excel and total restoration of breakthrough in your life and in the life of your family. Ask for their acct details and help, call the MD in charge of the orphanage to get their details on (WhatsApp or call them now on.

    (+2348140841748Tell him I sent you. For it is not by might nor by power but of the spirit saith the lord (zechariah 14:6). You shall testify to the Glory of God in your life. God bless you.

  6. A Standford Biologists told me that they are working on the next vàccine for the next virus. He said that there are many viruses to come and many vaccines to follow.

    They are doing this to profit the wealthy. It's a cash cow for the wealthy and we are there victims

  7. @Ironfurnaceroom  take a train ride from Northern California to Southern California and you will see thousands of miles of space and I'm sure that is true throughout the United States. To say that we are over crowded. All we are to Bill Gates is Vaccines for profits and he is also part of these geoengineered clouds which is causing us all a bunch of illnesses…its all part of Bill Gates Eugenics project. Bill gates has always been a crook since he was young and he should be in prison for crimes against humanity because of the vaccines that are not good for our health. We NEED to unwind the fact that we can't sue for vaccines now. We can easily prove that Vaccines don't work, the science speaks for itself. We can also prove that the geoengineered cloud's are all part of Bill Gates Eugenics project, they say that these clouds are used to cool the earth by blocking the sun whick is all a bunch of crock and this too can be proven. These clouds are the same thing that was sprayed in nam called agent orange. It's the spot that's on your car every day. It's killing our trees just like it did in nam. That's why we keep having all these fires and they keep getting worse. Bill Gates and all the PROFITEERS are all guilty for this genocide for profit. All someone has to do is get a copy of the lawsuit of the agent orange and compare the compound to what they sprayed in Nam and what's in these clouds and what's on our cars (the spot), what's killing our vegetation, what's in our blood stream, why we are getting cancer, memory loss, Alzheimer's, depression, blood clot issue, heart conditions ect. Please, I am putting my own life on the line for this message. I had called attorneys in San Francisco that were suing for the chem-trails but they said that they didn't have to money to test the cloud's but now I can not find the attorney number anymore.
    All the Mega Pastor's should get together and contract these san Francisco attorney who is suing for these chem-trails and she. Otherwise they will keep spraying us with these toxic clouds and they will VACCINATE us all with matter that is not healthy for us. Please SCREENSHOT this message. I have been talking to my customers about doing a video and purring it on YouTube but they have started censoring on all Social Media platforms. As a taxi driver I believe when covi first started I was picking up people from Wuhan China from the airport and I believe I was being exposed to covid-19 and I couldn't breathe 11 different times. I had no idea that it was cov because the news reporters were saying that cobie was flu-like symptoms. I feel tired and lethargic, a horrible headache, scratchy throat but the scariest was that I had shortness of breath I know a lot about Health Because I was diagnosed with the big C in 2005. Long story short I'm still hear. I'm typing in signs because I don't want my post flagged. I'm doing this for you all. I can explain more but I want someone to help me out to stop these monster's. In order for me to breathe I took 5-8 (81 mg of Aspirins) or 1.5 325mg of Aspirins, Vitamin C and Zinc and D3. I took higher does of vitamin C for 3 or 4 days to make sure my immune system stayed stong. You can't do this if you have kidney issues. I am not a doctor and you must see your doctor before taking anything. I'm not trying to cure anyone from anything.

    I could tell you more but I've said enough. Please help. Email me at and put (help) in the subject title on the email before it's too late. Please because you would be doing a good service. I will help get to the bottom of all this. My riders tell me everything I know. If we don't stop these crooks now we will all have to get vaccinated with this Vaccine and many others vaccines.
    A STANDFORD university Biologists told me that they're working on the next vaccine for the next virus. there was a long conversation that ensued between both of us but bottom line is he told me that there's many viruses to come and many vaccines to come. This is all a money move for Bill Gate's, the FDa ect. We need to take them all down now. We need to recall on gov. Republicans and democrats who don't help us get to the bottom of all these crimes against humanity (us all). Please help me get this info out or contact me. Let's stop these crooks. Please. Again all pastor's should help finance all this because they are getting ready to vaccinate us all which is all a precursor to the Mark of the beast. I believe they are trying they will eventually out us all in the FEMA camps for the people who won't allow themselves to keep getting vaccinated and eventually we all know that the mask of the beast is coming and we all know what this means. The Bible States that we will not be able to buy or sell without the mark that will be on our forehead or on our arm/hand. The Bible was written thousands of years ago…wake up everybody and find a good church near you until you find one that reads front the bible. Help us God and push back the mark of the beast. START a REVIVAL People/Saints. Start a church service and all the churches need to make a list of what Church is having a REVIVAL and wait to see what God will do with expectancy. I was part of the Revival in 1973, 1974,1975 and God told me that I would be part of the NEXT REVIVAL so let's get the party started. Let see what God and his Holy Spirit has for us all.

  8. Paster chriss could you please send prayier to my husband frank as he is suffering very very bad withdrawals from horoin methodone and pregabalin. Please please as he is onley 50 and lived on the streets all his life untill he met me at local hope center minehead somerset where I worked volentry and that was 7 years ago. We married 3 years ago and very happy. But now he wants to get clean and start a good life with me in Jesus name amen.

  9. As the scripture says: Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. Luke 17:33 KJV
    Many will take covid-19 vaccine thinking they are saving themselves but the truth is they will be doomed forever. WAIT AND SEE!!!, LET HE WHO HAS EARS HEAR FROM THE LORD!!!…

  10. Whole world of Christian's should be acting like pastor Chris.. His putting God first than human things.. as Christian we should have faith in God to keep us safe.. just use Jesus christ name to cast out all the sickness.. He is our only vaccine n medicine that can heal us completely..

  11. Government saying take the vaccine, even when u have taken the vaccine will still get covid but wont be affected that much… I am a frontline worker n believe in God, am been forced to take the vaccine. If u believe vaccine is keeping u safe than why scared of people who hasn't taken it. What difference it's going to make … aren't u r safe with ur vaccine?..

  12. America. European and Asian are all working tirelessly around the clock to make sure the virus is defeated and come out strong with great economy..coronavirus is real and I have seen people with coronavirus.very soon Africa will not be able to travel out of the continent because of the negligence against coronavirus with the help of most pastors who coerce together refusing to admit the real threat and the devastation of these deadly disease that have render and crumbled the world economy to his kneel ..mark my word Africa is going to be far left behind against the struggle to contain this virus ..happening now without test of coronavirus you are not allowed to travel out of the country and very soon you will not be able to travel without coronavirus vaccination…the choice will be yours


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