Expect Favor From God – "The GOD Factor"

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  1. Evil began in the church and it will be in there more than in the world. Because it has the world my grandma always told me that. And now that i am older, she has left and i UNDERSTAND NOW..

  2. blessed be the Lord from whom all blessings flow I give the Lord my God all the glory honor and praise I have supernatural favor and the victory over my life in the name of Jesus amen

  3. "Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them put of them all. " I declare and decree that I'm being delivered in all my afflictions. Believing whole heartedly. In Jesus Mighty name.

  4. As awesome and timely as this sermon was, that testimony just BLEW me away! This is a powerful ministry and the fruit of applying the Word of Truth into the lives of every day people who are called to do what God called them to do! Amen and Amen!

  5. Oh my goodness y’all don’t know I had this message on repeat for the past two days at work! This message is so uplifting ! I got to meet this man of God and thank him for his ministry and all glory to our God and King Jesus for using Dr. Winston this message is really lifting my spirit! Thank you Jesus & Bill Winston!

  6. I have been call to be a voice to GOD'S word and every since i accepted my assignment GOD'S grace and mercy has been running me down in Jesus name Amen

  7. Magnificent teaching. I have always loved Rev Bill Winston. He makes us want to believe so easily. He is in the peak of his ministry now. We can only thank God for giving us this marvelous teacher.

  8. None of these principles work if you a breaking spiritual laws. I have a friend who talks about God yet he he's shacking up cussing and drinking. All the while satan takes everything he works for and he suffers great defeats. Any time you open doors to sin. demons have legal right to you and they don't leave unless commanded by Holy ghost fire that only comes by way of holiness.


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