"El Shaddai: The God Who Is More Than Enough!" | Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin | *(Copyright Protected)

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  1. Devil, you are a liar! I will live and not die! My family will live and not die!. I refuse to live in fear. Your words are garbage in my ears. I choose to listen to the Holy Spirit. The Lord God Almighty is my El Shaddai, the God who is more than enough. Let me yell it from the internet so you can hear me clearly.

  2. I got a miracle after watching this video. A financial miracle. The God who is more than enough El Shaddai came at the right time.
    I didn't even finish the message,after listening a while I just got back from work i step out to get some items to prepare dinner thereafter I was thinking how to raised a few cash before salary come through. I even sent a text msg to my Aunt for assistance to be refund on Thursday. God was just looking at me. A call came through from a client she made some order so i told her to make some payment,she did. I normally deliver then she pays. Funny part is that when i saw this call I thought I wrongly sent her the SMS i was supposed to send this Aunt because they bear the same name. When I asked her if she received any SMS from me she said No…exchanged pleasantries and place her order. I was amazed. The God who is more than enough El Shaddai God showed up at the right time.
    Thank You Jesus!
    Thank You Lord!
    Thank You Precious Holy Spirit!
    Thank You Precious Jesus!
    I Love You!

  3. Praise Jesus Christ hallelujah! Thank God for this wonderful preaching of God’s word, timeless! I pray that everybody would have a open heart and mind to the word of God hallelujah!

  4. Love him so much. GOD used him to completely heal my child back in 1984. I Praise GOD for his obedience to our Father GOD. Taught me about healing and how to pray and heal others. His teachings are right on with GOD'S word. Great teacher, miss him. Thank goodness for tapes.

  5. From Indonesia, never knew about him before, but i was curious coz pastor Kenneth Copeland mention his name alot as his spiritual father…. then i start to search his teaching.. and meeeen…. June 2020, i am blessed beyond measure!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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