E W Kenyon – The two kinds of Righteousness 1 of 2

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  1. Soooooo thankful for the revelation knowledge the Holy Spirit gave to EW Kenyon for the Body of Christ!! This truth has and continues to impact my life!! The truth will make you FREE!!

  2. Again thank you these teachings that have given me assurance of what I have . How I wish I had this truth earlier in my life . I never understood the FATHERS great love which I am still learning about through HIS WORD.your posting have been such help maturing in CHRIST . Bless you .

  3. Praised be to God that you have not believed the word of God but from now you never mix with the things of the world since you died unto sin.nO MORE SIN CONSCIOUSNESS.

  4. I thank God for this teachings,it just timely for me.i have listen to them and i will still listen to them,it has change my life,it has change my perspective,it has flooded my life with joy,it has made bold enough to live in dominion over all devils and sicknesses,it has made my prayers answered always,i have taught others the same,i have seen there lives change for good..true gospel liberates.


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