E W Kenyon – New Creation Realities 1 of 6

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  1. Is it good enough that book, i heard this great man just from last 2 week. I finally came to know that, only some people (preacher, pastor, evangelist etc) are well known and popular, and we think those know people have had a great anointing from God like Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, Kennett E Hagin etc so many more, and of course they are good God servant. But beyond that there are more greater people like this E W Kenyon. My uncle told me that he is more greater anointing in essek william Kenyon. And i believe. He raise the death man also in the mighty name of Jesus right?

  2. Faith-Building Bits of Scripture For People On The Run
    To be used to confess for yourself and loved ones to build Faith an receive answers from God.

    I. I/ we’re the Righteousness of God, No weapon formed against me/us will prosper, By the stripes of Jesus me/us were healed (5 X).

    II. I/we can do all things through Jesus, God is supplying all my/our needs, I/we’re growing in wisdom and stature, favor with God and people (5 X).

    III. I/we have the victory, always triumph in Christ Jesus, are world Overcomers, are more than Conquerors. Greater is He that is in me/us than he who is in the world (5 X).

    IV. I/We’re enjoying our 100 fold return, rights and benefits as Tithers, stolen money returned to me/us. People are giving money and good things to us good measure (5 X).

    V. I/we’ve been delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of Jesus. I/we were made alive raised and seated with Jesus. I/we conquered demons and powers and made a show of them in Jesus. I/we’ve been blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Everything that’s under Jesus feet is under my/ours. I/we/ve been redeemed from the curse of the law and the blessings of Abraham are mine/ours. I/we’re redeemed from poverty, sickness, spiritual death and this present evil world. (5X)

    VI. The peace of God is keeping my/our heart, mind brain and body in Jesus. I/we have the mind of Christ. Sin sickness, demons, people shall not have dominion over me/us. Jesus set us free. God hasn’t given my/us the spirit of fear but power, love and a sound mind. I/we’re receiving the engrafted word that is saving my/our soul. The fruit of my/ our spirit is, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, temperance. (5X)

  3. I am so excited I found your channel… it is 2018 and I am 65 years old today…. I was in meetings, in the early 80's, with Kenneth Hagin, Copeland, TL Osborn, Robert Tilton, Norval Hayes, and months with Lester Sumrall.
    I have so many of the books shared here… I am looking forward to reading along with the reading since it is harder for me to just read these days for some reason…. to review and start learning again from true MEN of GOD…. what a great time we live in.

  4. Hey.. Just went through the catalog.. Dad Hagin, The Goodwins, Phil and Fern Halverson, Lynn Hammond, EW Kenyon.. Just want to say thank you for sharing your rich catalog of spiritual history with us. Much appreciated.


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