Drop It – Joel Osteen

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  1. Thank You Joel you have helped me so much the LORD is calling me to ministry. I'm from Millington Tennessee but right now I live in Oregon. I have had several dreams about meeting you and in GODS perfect time it will be my pleasure. I'm planning a trip to your church in the near future I don't expect you to respond but Please pray for me my family and my future. I LOVE YOU BROTHER GOD BLESS YOU YOUR FAMILY AND YOU MINISTRY IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN!!!

  2. This sermon is specifically for me. I do need to let go of the past. I was physically assaulted by people that I love. So I'm leery of people in general now. Perhaps God allowed that to happen to me so that I could learn to have a Discerning spirit and to see that not everybody chooses to serve and love God. Because before I was physically assaulted, I didn't think people did that kind of thing to each other. Yes I believe naivety is a sin now. So I Repent from it and ask God to guide me. I continue offer kindness and genuineness to people, however, I wait for God to show me their true intentions towards me. I test each spirit so that I do not get myself in unfavorable situations. I definitely have learnt to listen to God because of what happened to me. And for that I am grateful. Shalom

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  4. Hi and Hello.

    I'll be honest, i dont know where else to ask so i hope
    this commentsection has some people
    who can differenciate right from wrong.
    If any comment-section, it should be this one,
    or so i thought.

    …Point is:
    I just found a yt-channel
    that is really incredible and has the Audacity to
    literally be called 'Normalizing Nudity'.
    It has made its channel-concept just Nude Woman (and only woman,
    which alone is telling, aye?).

    Every single Video should be reported, as well as the channel.
    Hope this aint too much to ask of you, but i hope you find
    the time and spine. Not anyone has the spine to report to help
    the plattform and its users, after all…
    Normalizing nudity on youtube (woman only, noteworthy…) is
    just so wrong.

    Hope you find the time.
    But even if not: Have a nice day.


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