Dr TL & Dr Daisy Osborn tell their Story!

This is ACTIVATE Class’s assignment #1


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  1. The Muslims have a different god than Jews and Christians. The Muslims are opposed to both Jews and Christians and when someone accepts Jesus then they will be persecuted. Both books agree that Jesus is the Jesus is the only blameless sinless messiah or savior who is now alive in Paradise having successfully accomplished his mission as lamb sacrifice for sins of the entire world. Both books agree that Jesus is returning to the mount of Olives near Jerusalem Zechariah 14:4 to Judge and rule as king of kings and Lord of Lords. Both books agree that we are all sinners Sura 13:34 and we all need a savior and Jesus is god’s mercy and provision for all mankind. I Call on Jesus right now and have eternal life with Jesus in Paradise forevermore

  2. I read his book entitled 'Miraculous healing' and I got healed. I will never forget ths experience. This man of God will continue impacting the world for many years to come

  3. This is the 2nd video I watched of Dr. TL Osborne. The first was a healing seminar and today a personal word that Jesus was going to visit me in a strange way. I received in faith, the first miracle, and eager to experience the second. Glory to God, Who moves upon mankind upto this very moment in the Person and Power of The Holy Spirit. Thank you Paul and Jane, don't know you, but nevertheless love you in the Lord.


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