Dr Norvel Hayes : How To Make The Devil Leave You Alone (Audio only)

Dr. Norvel Hayes teaches how to outlast the devil to cast him OUT, including a padded cell case who lost his mind streaking across a college campus, and caps …


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  1. God was with Jacob.Jesus was with him.at the well. Who is now bethel- isreal. God will avengen his love and believers on his name faith by faith joyouse of the holy one. Shechem where Joseph was bury. But overcome past from death to life he is an eternal God. Slain before the foundation of the world. For a people who didn't deserve it. Unconditional love he knew man couldn't do it. But heaven knew his son the voice from heaven.his weapons are not carnal..and he knew the state of all men. The LorD sign and wonder given to the LorD of host. The children the LorD have given him the sign and wonder in isreal from the LORD of host. With dwelleth in mount Zion.wizer that peep and mutter for the are living to the dead and they shall be to they self dimese and they shall be driven to darkness. But jeses children walk in the light and apart from him we can do nothing.

  2. I have been listening to the tapes on UTube. I am from India. I am interested in Demonology. As I want to cast out devils in family. Now I am having aches in my heart and am advised to be admitted to hospital. Need urgent prayers for me and family in Jesus mighty name Amen

  3. Every time I listen to your prayers, I believe and I receive financial blessings. Today, it was WHILE I was listening to this video. God is good and he honors your prayers! Thank you Jesus!

  4. Your right there should be more comments on here I’ve been to busy imbibing the spirit of the message will recommend to those dealing with spirit adversity in Jesus name


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