Dr. Lester Sumrall Warns the End Time Church to Not Forget the Pioneers of Faith

Just days before his passing, in one of his final messages, Dr. Lester Sumrall prophesies an end time revival and warns the Church to not forget the pioneers of the faith.

Dr. Lester Sumrall shares his personal experiences with some of the great pioneers of the faith.

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You’ll hear stories of;

Howard Carter
Smith Wigglesworth
Finis Dake
FF Bosworth
PC Nelson
Thomas (PT) Barratt
and others.


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  1. I was in this service at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio. It was life changing. Oh the places God will take you and the people he will put you in the presence of….

  2. Thank you so much for this video. Yes it is important to remember those who have gone before us who is the Lord I'm sure is true. I live in Nottingham in the UK and about 20 miles away from me is Southwell Minster A very old church where for six years Lancelot Andrews ministered. He was the chairman of the King James Bible committee -most days I sit in the last Christian bookshop in my city and try to tell the people to read the King James version of the Bible – the perfect word of God for the English speaking people. They tell me it's too difficult to understand. I usually tell them how important those little words are to understanding the Bible –Britain was used mightily by God especially in the translating of his work into English which went around the world. We have thrown His word back in face. Please bring the revival Jesus to my nation into the United States of America. Bill -UK

  3. Oh my God………. The man is preaching to me. And for ten years no pastor could preach to me and tell me something i didnt know already and deeper and better than they. God heard my cries and my tears over his word . So needed to hear his traveling ministries testimonies. Im so glad someone else walked out what i have walked out. Only he had a companion. I was called to go to other countries, i argued with God for a month rationalizing. And finally i said Lord it takes money to go to these places! That day i was in a very bad part of a town in California. And it appeared a man was approaching my truck to snatch something off my dash….. But when he approached at the stop light, he threw an envelope into my lap and said, this is for you and he walked off. About a block and a half later i pulled over. Opened the envelope and there was a thousand dollars in cash! Trembling i said , " I'll go!" Over the next several years i found myself living in several other countries. And been taken before the leaders of churches, the leaders of cities, the leaders of nations too. But it is very hard when you have no church to call on for healing. No church from home understands the depths of such a journey. Pray for strengthening and uplifting for those like us who are rejected and spoken of badly by the local churches yet well loved and welcomed by churches outside my home country.

  4. I have walked in spirit & truth with The Father for 20 years. I'm almost 52 years old & am absolutely undone with a deep spiritual sadness over the death of Dr. Sumrall and the great pioneers of faith before him, that I came into truth & growth with. Not even a handful are left today of Pastors/Teachers/Ministers/Prophets & Apostles who live at the level of excellence in Christ Jesus as these men of God did. But Glory to GOD in the highest that those of us who have sat under their counsel along with the holy spirit whom are still on the earth, have been hidden away, protected, hidden & consecrated in preparation of the coming harvest in these last days, who shall be released in due season to meet & exceed these men. And even GREATER THINGS will we do at that time to INCREASE the Kingdom for the glory of God and many more things we do not yet know. I ponder that and then become "undone" again from overwhelming gratitude & worship of thanksgiving because I (and countless others) were blessed/favored to have heard & seen these TRUE men of God, who aided the Holy Ghost in my learning the deeper things of God, taking from them the great characteristics such as integrity, honor, respect, decency and the like…of which are rarely seen in "believers" today.
    My God, the burden of His heart upon us for the lost…nearly unbearable, if it were not for His great grace, mercy, compassion & love in NOT allowing us to even feel the FULL burden of His heart for the same. Thank you Lord for the gift of these men passing through my life.

  5. The great ones are leaving in droves and the wolves among the flock are rising especially in the united states Filthy lucre has become the center of the modern day congregation and most of the flock greedy for gain desire things of the world and not the word of God. They no longer preach the word of God but twist it to fit their agenda. An unction with the Holy Spirit will be your strength and knowledge. Nothing shall by any means come upon you unaware. Keep silent and follow that which is just. The Spirit will speak of those things he has heard from the Father only. Be quiet and know it is God. Don't try to persuade men because they know but love being inclusive in clicks and worship by man. Judgement will start at the household of faith and all the darkness will be uncover and destroyed. No discernment or word of knowledge almost non existence. Therefore anything that walks through the door the itching ears receive as truth. If there is an a gifted one they run them off because light drowns the darkness and mess up their game plan. You don't have to say or do anything they just know something is different. God suddenly will stop the whole mess. He is here in our mist and moving about uncovering every truth that was crushed to the ground. Some will never come back and the ones who will not do the will of the Father will be taken out. They have the spirit of politicians and power and authority abuse is rampant in the congregations and governments. God is dismantling it all . follow him and don't try to lead. The battle belongs to God. Tender hearts turn sour on the true and living word of God because its the leaders of the people who do cause them to err. Study the old great sermons which still has the anointing. You are the church and given the opportunity do good to the poor needy disgusted tired and worn! God sent the great men and women of God out to pagan nations who were receptive to the word of God. Those nation were and are riddle with witch craft and pagan worship. They are not poor because of no resources but poor in spirit because of demon demigod worship through ignorance. America is not ignorant to the knowledge of God the true and living word but greedy of selfish gain. God will take back those who belong to him and the pride of man which comes before a fall shall be great. So many untimely deaths because of straying from the first love who brought you out into the marvelous light to serve and not to be serve. God himself will supply all your needs. Be not afraid of any mere mortal. Faith can move mountain and that's all God ask. No one in the pulpit will get his glory.

  6. Amen yes my Son Jerry sent me a video of him and I know God sent this Great Preacher to us to learn so much about Our God Jesus, praise God I also listen to him all hours day and night, praise God


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