Dr. Lester Sumrall – Passing of the Sword Part 1 of 2

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  1. It was good timing I was thinking how can people move in the spirit and miss the racism in their life being white is surreal it’s just a fact him and billy gram products of America’s racist south society loving God but not his people or at least not all of God’s people murder ran through the south and they never said anything yet blacks love them more than self: crazy wow! What’s even more crazy is that his words hold a lot of truth it’s just not inclusive: all I can say is fear God he will let you be yourself help us all how hard is that. First time I felt bad for the European Jew. Note I still will listen to every voice that lifts up Christ and I consider these men giants Jesus said listen to them but don’t do like them. In other words do better note Lester’s church was in Indiana which was home of the kkk very powerful during his time again God help us all. See the black people in the ministry wow.

  2. It is disturbing. Something is really wrong to have a kept a Nazi sword and then pass it to someone else. He could have bought a sword to use for this "passing of the mantle". I think something was really wrong with this whole illustration. This passing of the sword said a whole lot about Sumrall and Rod Parsely.

  3. So does anyone find this highly disturbing that he would even 1) OWN a Nazi sword 2) bring said sword to church and 3) present a NAZI sword in front of so many African Americans? 4) anoint another preacher with a NAZI sword??

  4. I love Dr Sumrall…..He prayed for me when I was a young Christian and also my infant son….It was a real blessing to have met him when he came to visit the fellowship I was attending at the time in Edinburgh, Scotland. My pastor assigned me to be Dr Sumrall's usher (assistant) during his very memorable visit. May the Lord bless the memory & on-going ministry of this marvellous man of God.

  5. Should have used that bloody sword to cut the head of the heretic that would affect the coming generation and spared thousands. 🙁

  6. Ok thats it for me I am reading the word 45 years now, a friend reccommended Pastor Lester to me but once I see that Benny Hinn type "Speaking in tounges" junk and people falling down in a phoney manner I have had it. So sad, I was so enjoying Mr Lesters preaching 🙁


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