Dr. Lester Sumrall: My Relationship with Smith Wigglesworth

Dr. Lester Sumrall shares his experience of a close personal relationship with Smith Wigglesworth, one of the world’s great leaders of the twentieth-century outpouring of the Holy Spirit. He discloses intimate spiritual insights gleaned from time spent with this spiritual mentor.

Download Brother Sumrall’s book “Pioneers of Faith” here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qSusZVVCIUsiRM0xDsctlFQ6NttV59tl/view?usp=drivesdk


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  1. Brother David you better get on live stream we got to start uniting under the authority of Christ for the Rapture and the second coming we got to do what's best your wife is gone she's gone to be with the Lord you've got to be focused

  2. I remember his telling about his salvation and the start of his ministry I though o my how can he be so dry of evangelism .. until god dealt with his heart. .. but it was. his personality .. his manner .. Also he was not easily understood at the first his manner in like wigglesworth seemed dry toPentecostals then discovered he had a great anointing. And had invested in every ministry an d. travelled in unusual places in the earth. Obediently. Preaching salvation repentance to all an awesome man ofGod

  3. Could someone please explain that brother Sumrall thought he would see the greatest revival happen but apparently it is coming soon (which is 20+ years since he went to be with the LORD).

  4. We should always be ready to move when the move of the Lord comes! God is doing a great thing in our times, let's leave the good to the best position!


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