Don't Waste Your Pain | Joel Osteen

We all go through difficulties, setbacks and loss. In fact, pain is a part of life. Many people allow their pain to cripple them and keep them stuck, causing them to …


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  1. im in so pain…my heart is really aching… i.could not sleep…loss appetite..thanks for the message it relieves my pain..God allows this.pain coz he has given me a mission…Thanks Joel Osteen for that very inspiring message…i used to question God why he allow this pain…im his child and im faithful…now i know he has a purpose….he test me how true and faithful to God…he make me become stronger….more inspiring message so that many soul will be save….

  2. Once again, I am reminded! I've been experiencing PAINFUL things right now, I don't know what to do, I've been praying a long time that someday my papa will come to his senses not to drink anymore because alcohol drives him crazy. But right now, I got to the point that I am tired on hoping that he will change. I am ashamed and broken but I realize that God will not give us struggles if we can go through it. In my confusions, this message hit me so hard to cling more in God promises, because as long as the pain take it longer the more it will be fulfilling. I pray and declare that this testing of my faith right now will become my testimony in the future; my pain my gain for the new level that is coming!

    Thank You so much God. Even if there's a lot of painful things that happening around me I'm still blessed because you never leave nor forsake me. I only need to see the PAIN into another perspective. God Bless us all and Pls pray for me that this pain will come to pass in God's time.

  3. I’m suffering in great pain after eight failed spine surgeries and osteoarthritis for 27 yrs and I’m barely getting by my mom is 76 after a stroke I took care of her until I couldn’t walk and the insurance left me untreated to long. I ask for prayers mom and I are all we have but I also want to thank Joel because I’m fighting to get through each day unable to help anymore or myself much and we’re stuck in a bad living situation my brother never once asked me how I feel or helped us despite causing us 12 yrs of stress because we’re so frail and mentally neglected by him I don’t know how to get us out of here we’re not physically capable. I pray everyday and thank this ministry for helping me as hard as each day is to cope and get through another day as I pray for help for us and healing. God bless you Joel and Victoria

  4. THE POWER OF NOW – Eckhart Tolle. There is only the now. No present or future, just now. This present moment. Everything else is mental, the history you believe shapes you, the future you project. Mental. There is only now.

  5. The issue you totally made in a mistaken approximation was saying oh my god representing a person by name read Matthew again and study up on emmanuel again this is Brandy Reynolds rev.Virgil Smiths Great grandaughter

  6. Never heard anybody having so much faith in GOD. I am watching you for the first time and i cant believe the amount of positivity you are spreading. Unbelievable . You have described GOD so gracefully im so proud of you

  7. Thank you Lord for Pastor Joel Osteen he has saved me from suicide and misery! I am grateful for my life now. Keep the FAITH…..GOD Embrace each and everyone in the world and universe for all eternity!

  8. I. Have been making bad decision in my life and having a lot of pain but I have never given up in my God and I wish always to be with my God for the rest of my life

  9. "For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?" (1 John 5:4-5]

  10. If your reading this please help me pray for my 9 year old son who is in bad shape dealing with a heart& lung disease he's a good kid and it's just not his time please and thank you

  11. Pastor, u are indeed a very good cheer leader to pick us up from the pit that we are often in .
    Keep it coming . Also say the same to ur sister and ur Boss .


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