Don’t Miss Your Purpose | Pastor Steven Furtick

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  1. I love all your videos! Every morning I watch a video every night as well and I’m praying more and searching for God more .. thank you for making me understand certain situations with your examples and Bible verses and Bible stories

  2. Pastor, I was 4 mins into this and then I paused it. I went into the bathroom and broke down. There are somethings going on in my life right now and I was having an honest conversation with god. Then I started to have an honest conversation with myself in the mirror. I did exactly what you said to do, encourage myself etc. Not knowing that you said that until after I was done with all of that, I finished up the rest of your sermon and I’m so relieved to hear what you were saying. I feel myself right now feeling better and letting go of all those negative emotions and thoughts that was flooding my mind. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I needed to hear it more than ever. God bless you and your family and keep doing what you’re doing. Sending love from NYC ❤️

  3. I stumbled upon pastor furtick. It’s carried me. There are so many hurts but my purpose is know at 30 and I’m moving into it, everyday I receive more than I asked God for. I realised how God is with me, I’m praying a prayer of gratitude everyday. He didn’t replace one thing with another. God laid it in my heart, at 13 to live a life of service. This not in my medical career in isolation but in national service within humanitarian issues, and writing. I started changing the way I spoke to myself so this is such a reminder so I never forget. The closest people in my life left and I was discouraged but it actually was exactly when things propelled higher. Looking at my past, I can only think that this much be God.

  4. I really needed this! I have twisted Gods words into thinking the opposite, now I know the truth I understand it now, and i won't let the devil have the opportunity to fool me again! <3 God Bless.

  5. "Greed, envy, pride, selfishness… all of these can be considered terrible sins, but there is no greater sin than not being happy. Life is too short to tiptoe through it, suffering, complaining, and being miserable."

  6. Starting a business, having a full time job, and stepping into a higher position of ministry at the same time seems so daunting. So many things to do, so many directions to be pulled. But to tell myself I can and will success and back it up with scripture seems like a much better option than listening to my minds long lost of doubts, worries, and fear.


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