DO YOU BELIEVE GOD IS A GOD OF MIRACLES? – Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

God is a miracle working God and He is still doing them today amongst His people.
Miracles don’t happen just because. They need to be provoked. One of the things that provoke miracles in a place is expectation. Listen to this short word about the purpose of miracles and how they prove that God is still alive today:

Throughout the Bible, we can see miracles take place from the book Genesis all the way to Revelation. Many people don’t see God as a God of miracles anymore. But the truth is that this is what God has called us to do from the very beginning until now!
Everything about the life of Jesus is a miracle. From His knowledge to His revelation, wisdom, prayer life and all the signs, wonders and works that followed Him and His disciples.
That same power that empowered Jesus to do miracles, lives in us now! We are His legacy and are called to carry out His power, miracles, signs and wonders throughout the whole world. Miracles prove that Jesus is real, that He loves us, and desires to see us healed and set free. They are evidence of God’s compassion and mercy over us. We need to demonstrate the God of miracles now more than ever to a world that is broken and needs to know that He is with them and for them.
If you need a miracle or want to be used in doing miracles, don’t lose faith. Nothing is impossible for God!

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  1. Dear Apostle I am very expectant believer and I am praying to The Lord to work miracle through me for my brother who is very sick with cancer. So God brought me to this message which I received. Pray for us please.

  2. There are no apostles except 12, Paul is a fraud. Why you got your whole congregation wearing slave masks, I though we ought to rely on God for healing on any health issues?


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