Demonic Ferociousness, Fits — Rick Renner

The Bible shows that demons can be ferocious, but they are no match for the power and authority of Jesus Christ! You won’t want to miss this program. To order the series and book offers click SHOW MORE.

In this five-part series based on Mark 5, Rick explains how demons operate, how they find entrance into a person’s life, how to recognize their activity, and how to exercise authority over them. Order your copy today!

In this book, Rick answers the hard questions about the often misunderstood subject of spiritual warfare. Learn the significance of your God-given spiritual weaponry and how to be prepared to win your spiritual battle each day, beginning today. Order your copy today!


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Comment (4)

  1. GOD sees the heart of those who run to HIM this reminds me of a relative ,, who actually called out cried and confessed their ways in front of a church THIS church turned on him . no help I LEFT SHORTLY AFTER THAT ,, they took our tithes but shunned us ,HMMM ??????

  2. Fitting teaching for such a time as this Rick. May the Lord continually bless you and your family. I also am beginning to work with my Dad. Nice seeing sons and dads in the faith work together.


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