Coronavirus — Rick Renner and John Bevere

I recently sat down with my friend, John Bevere to discuss the coronavirus and general principles from the Word of God! I believe this video will be a blessing to you as we all walk out this current season.

— Rick Renner


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  1. Rick and John, just wanted to tell you that my church (7 Hills in Florence, KY) has seen amazing responses during past year. Do far in 2031 more than 1,000 have accepted Christ as Savior through our in-person, online, or televised services. We launched a new campus in Cincinnati and found a pent-up hunger for the Gospel.

    Thank you both for your ministries! Come back to Florence, John!

  2. I have not heard the term 'attractor' used before (at about 4mins in). I think I understand what is meant (based on what John Bevere went on to say). Would you explain more, or point me to a reference that does so? Thank you.

  3. There is another impactfull moment on the water at night when Peter comes out of the boat and walks on the water toward Jesus but when he TOOK HIS EYES OFF JESUS he began to sink!

  4. "And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” (Matt. 10:7-8)

  5. Thanks God for this fruitful conversation from Pastor Rick and Pastor John Bevere , you both have been a great blessing to me. I pray may God richly bless you both and give you more deeper insights form His Infallible scripture during this pandemic situation.

  6. Our faith overrides the system…. I want to encourage my brothers and sisters to invest in the end time harvest. Invest in the Gospel of The Kingdom. These precious men of God bring us the precious Word of God. Stocks will rise and stocks will fall. The Kingdom will rule over them all. Let’s take our time, talent & money. Let’s funnel them into the work of God. It’s our time to shine in Him. #ManifestTheSonsOfGod

  7. Two of my favorite Christian authors! I could sit at there feet and learn for hours. They have brought life-changing truth to me, my family and ministry for years. Love these guys!

  8. What a sweet fellowship of two godly men! So glad about your deep passion for the Word of Elohim, although both of you are extremely busy peolpe! John, you nailed it – don't pray – you use the authority! Thank you!

  9. That is what the Lord told me a few weeks ago, when I asked where we are at according to His Words: His answer was this It is birth pains and they will be increased and shorter lapsed time in between….May He continue to draw people unto Him! we are His vessels (shine brightly in HIM) on earth to bring Glory to His Name. We are to have Faith in Him and His Words. Shalom

  10. We love to meditate on The Words of Yashua/Jesus and not meditates on the word of the world. The Blood Covenant between us and the God of Israel through Yashua/Jesus.

  11. Dear beloved Pastor Rick and brother John thank you so much for this message. I agree with you both all the way. This message greatly blessed me. On the 27th of February while in prayer with some intercessors from Church I heard a very stern clear authoritative voice from God – very clear in my spiritual ears, saying, "Put my Covenant on your lips" and than immediately following that word I heard in a softer tone The Lord saying, "Tell my people to put my covenant on their lips". In our nation of Malta the virus COVID-19 had not entered yet – but about a week or almost 2 weeks after it entered! I believe that this Word prepared the Church. Thank you for your service in The Lord. We regularly follow both of your ministries. in HIS love – pastor gordon-john manche


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