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You can buy all your Winners’ souvenirs
You can buy all your Winners’ souvenirs

This is a life teaching of God’s Generals of this generation. Please subscribe and encourage someone to join and both of you could listen to unlimited God’s words without dilution. If these words are not good enough to feed your spirit and soul, kindly send an email to with a suggestion on how we could make your experience more beautiful.
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Comment (28)

  1. Good afternoon Bishop, good afternoon all. I built a brand new house some years ago, the house was blessed with a Thanksgiving service unto the Lord everything was alright for a few months then I started having problems with the electrical connection attached to the building I spent endless money trying to fix it nothing or no one is able to understand what is happening. Please pray for me as I seek the supernatural favour of God.

  2. why are you afraid to speak out, you and Adeboye don,t know what is going on?. tell us how are we going to get out of this whole mess caused by the globalist. speak out and speak out please. this is not the time of preaching other things that are corresponding to this period in time.

  3. Anything/anybody anointed is a no go area for the devil. Your presence makes life uncomfortable for the devil. I didn't understand this earlier. Now l know better. To God be the glory.


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