Clarita Villanueva Bitten by demons | Lester Sumrall

Deliverance Testimony of Clarita Villanueva

I first heard about this story while reading an awesome book he wrote called “Demons: the answer book.” After reading the first chapter about “Clarita” I got in my car and started worshipping God, and the Holy Ghost fell on me heavily for about 45 minutes.. it was very powerful.,


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  1. Curious about the nature of small dwarf like entities that apparently serve demons.
    Apparently Poltergeist are such small Imp like beings who are evil but no where near as powerful
    as an actual Demon. The question is, where did these beings come from if they were never Angels that fell?
    Clearly they serve the forces of evil, they lack the power and stature of Demons so where did they come from?

  2. That's a first case I've heard when it comes to encountering demon possessed people. Being cursed by a possesed person, then die.

  3. Was brought here because of kmjs lol. Question, if inc is the so called true church and fym is supposed to be the last messenger . Where were they when this happened? They probably didn't want to get involved since God is not with them.

  4. The saddest part of this . In the Philippines they created a movie named Clarita derived from this Testimony. but the saddest part was they change the story line of the said testimony .. they distort the truth behind this Historic event ,they used Priest as the one who help Clarita to be delivered from the evil spirit instead of acknowledging Dr. Lester Samrall who's the one who truly helped her … Shame on the Director of Clarita who Distorted this Historic Event …

  5. My God i remember my dad talking about alains spirits but the family did not know if it was true now i know this spirits would try to hurt him he would tell the family. Lord Jesus Christ i thank you for this man that talks about things like this that the evil alains are real. Lord Jesus Christ cover us with you blood every day i pray.

  6. Every church is involved with their own petty programs and they don't even know what's happening around them in the world. That's how an atheist was able to single-handedly go to the supreme court to get prayers out of schools in America! Can you imagine? Thousands of churches in America, and yet only one individual was able to defeat them all!!


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