Charles Capps – Prayer That Changes Things

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  1. God is still in the answering prayer business!! Pray "THAT GOD'S WILL BE DONE ON EARTH (which is in you) AS IT IS IN HEAVEN." Get your prayers answered!

  2. Thank you so much its like its a refesher course for me thank you so. Know just activating my faith with my prayers working together oh my goodness its so cool how this all comes together again thank you so much i needed this im changing the way i pray an way i speak an deff the way i think praise God

  3. I hear what he is saying, but there is no marriage in heaven. Is he saying that praying for marriage is outside of God's will? This can be applied to many other concepts.

  4. Brother Capps’ teaching has helped changed my life! Me and my mom! And my sisters and my moms best friend! Jesus and the Father have been a mystery to me for so long and I prayed so wrong. I didn’t understand the promises. I didn’t understand that it’s God’s will for me to have joy and be full. I thought it was for special people. Or for others but not me. Satan had me so confused. I thought it was a blessing to be poor. Ha. Lies. Satan is a liar. Everyone I want to warn and encourage you. When you start calling things that are not….Satan will attack you! He attacked me in this way…he brought me drama and tried to get me in unbelief. He brought me pain and tried to inflict horrible thoughts on my mind and convince me that I will never and can’t change! When I held fast to the Word…Satan saw it wasn’t working. Because now I know too much. I’ve seen too much. I have authority. I have dominion. My words are powerful. That’s the way my Father designed me and the world. So Satan tried to distract me by bringing some earthly desires to me. Earthly desires are okay…but not when they interfere with our walk with Christ. Satan is too cunning. He’s swift. But thank God we have authority over him and all his angels. Hang tight brothers and sisters! Don’t give up. Continue calling things that are not.


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