Charles Capps – Kenneth E. Hagin Campmeeting 1987 04 – Faiths Corresponding Actions

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  1. Ask not what GOD can do for you but what you can do for GOD..if we ask anything according to HIS will we know HE hears us and if HE hears us we know we shall have what we ask for..

  2. Meditating on the Word of God everyday to manifest your healing WILL come in time IF you refuse to give up. You will start to know that you know that you know a healed body is on the way. First you believe it inside your heart before you see a full manifestation on the outside. Stubborn faith is necessary to receive the promises of God.

    Andrew Wommack has a great teaching called “Effortless Change.” You can watch it on YouTube for free. (3 part series)
    It actually takes tremendous commitment to renew your mind with Gods Word. But the changes will come in time for the persistent and determined.

  3. Thank you for sharing this teaching video! This is the best teaching of faith ever for me. From around 0:40 :00, it was really helpful and I had never heard it about faith. Thank you so much for this teaching!

  4. this is so true…my back was hurting so bad to the point I could hardly walk or stand up. in my dream, a demon appears to me and I rebuke it with these exact words " in the mighty name of YESHUA!" and on the second time saying it, I woke up feeling light as if something leaves my back. however, the symptom in the flesh took a while to leave ( weeks) I have the church prayed for me although I know I was healed. I started getting confused cause I was in so much pain but I know I was healed. finally, Mel Bond was coming to town and I was preparing to go. the same day Mel came the same day the symptom totally left…i knew I was healed but the flesh will lead u into doubt if you're not careful…like he said, u better know u hear from God b4 u take action to go against the doctors' order

  5. Faith always goes through testing, and if the word of God abides in you , you will have what you have said and believed. Anyone can say a thing but doe s it remain in the face of a trial. Say you have been diagnose with cancer and you say "WITH JESUS STRIPES YOU WERE HEALED and the manifestation of that healing isn"t apparent; everybody and their mother questions your belief that "WITH JESUS STRIPES YOU WERE HEALED" Then the doctor says you have only three months to live; It should be realized what testing looks like,. At this point you haven"t forfeited the word of God therefore it is proven that the word of God remains in you. THE MANIFESTING HEALING THIS WORD OF gOD YOU HAVE BELIEVED IS MANIFESTED > "WITH HIS STRIPES YOU WERE HEALED" 1 Peter 2:24-25


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