Charles Capps – Concepts of Faith #131-Calling Things That Are Not part 2

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  1. so often we pray as if we need someone to ascend into Heaven to bring Him down, or descend into the depths to bring Him up….but the Word of Faith is right here, in our mouth and in our heart…simple.
    Not easy, but simple.

  2. one of the best and most balanced and biblical teachers of the WOF movement and the body of Christ. It's remarkable the "caricatures" the reformed and denominations profess with zero fruit like these Men of God. These elder leaders are almost extinct today and still endure false accusations of these concepts being unbiblical. Yet folks have never listened to ONE full message let alone a series and unbiasedly contrasted it with the word of God. These concepts CC presents are true because it was Gods perspective of faith and not man. We need new young leaders returning to bible teaching.


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