Charis – Jeremy Pearsons

Charis – Jeremy Pearsons.


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  1. I got kicked out of my favourite place; the library and that was because of my retaliation because of them taking back a computer that I was using; "That is like David and Goliath!" And God told Me during this message that "You are still in The Library
    System in New York!" Now I believe that I am still in the library system in New York. Thanks Jeremius. Please try to air on New York television! We need You!

  2. Hi Jeremy after listening about the science project, something clicked. When you said we have to do it by faith. The word of God is amazing. I finally got it. What a beautiful illustration.

  3. I' have never seen faith as a language but it is. I thought that God was challenging me when He talks about faith. Thanks Jeremy


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