Charis Daily Bible Study: You've Already Got It – Andrew Wommack – May 19, 2020

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Comment (38)

  1. A certain believer was healed from an incurable disease. Another one died from an incurable disease and they didnt fulfill the number of their days. Does that mean that the other believer who was delivered from similar circumstances and sharing the same faith will die from the incurable disease?

  2. Andrew I love the teaching, but the music has got to go. Why can't you go back to the old hymnals of the 40s 50s and 60s that was great worship music. Like "Turn Your Eyes Opon Jesus". This so called gospel music they call worship music in today's church, is repetitious nonsense. And just an extension of the world. If that's going to be played in heaven, I'd just as soon stay here on Earth. And listen to my record player.

  3. They say there's two sins that you can never be forgiven. How then can you be cleansed or saved if a person has committed one or both of them? Are you condemned to hell?

  4. 10 minutes and 19 seconds of announcements. For a busy day and age, I would really suggest trying to cut that time down and getting to the message sooner or perhaps putting those at the end.


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