CAP 2009 Pastor Rod Parsley

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  1. Pastor Rod Parsley is a man of God and the money is used to help free slaves, help young ladies who don't want abortions, babies who are not wanted. The mony is used on students who want to go to bible. What are you doing for the kingdom? Have you been to his church? How many children, widows, homeless have you fed today? Pastor fed 10,000 today! For the Glory of God! All you do is attack without knowing them. We are praying for you.

  2. @985Riverfox im not sure what bible any of you have read but please send me a copy of the one that says you will be closer to god by giveing money through this guy rather than buying a loaf of bread for your neighbor. so sad that giving in the name of christ has become a buisness oppertunity. ive never even heard this man give a sermon w out asking for money. this man will take you no further than you can take yourself. god be with you.

  3. i have watched this video about 7 times now, the first time watching it, it gave me chills and then brought me to tears this is so powerful!!


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