Camp Meeting 1995 ~ Sunday AM Part 1 ~ Dr Oral Roberts

World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio Dominion Camp Meeting 1995 Sunday morning, July 2nd, 1995 ~ Dr. Oral Roberts Watch World Harvest Church LIVE!


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  1. I was in the WHC choir the morning he preached.  (I'm located on the top row in the right side facing the platform.)  It was a pleasure seeing a man of God such as Oral Roberts ministering God's Word to us.  🙂

  2. Sound like God's voice through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit yesterday is like today and I am sure that tomorrow will be like today. Through men kind. Forever and ever Amen. Never changed. Hallelujah Jesus.

  3. My cousins and I used to pass hours playing Oral Roberts on our front lawn making up a range of disabilities and stories to accompany the 'affiliations'. Following our stories, our cousin Jay would play Oral and place his hands on the head of whomever turn it was, and say 'Heal!" with great gusto. These are some of my fave 50's memories as well as playing Queen for A Day, in which we got to use our youthful creativity again to make up stories and move on to another easier world. What fun and fantasy we had!
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  4. Прими,Бог!Призри,вся слава Тебе,только Тебе!
    Велик,Ты Господи и достохвален!
    Прими,Превознесенный Бог,хвалу!
    Пусть всяко око понимает,что это Ты Отец любви.
    Прими Господь огонь желаний,
    Тянусь достичь,достать Тебя,
    Ты нужен,Бог,коснись,прошу я,
    За это лишь Тебе хвала.
    Нуждаюсь,жажду,чту и кланяюсь,
    Люблю,скучаю…,Ты прийди,
    Земля стонает,мы взываем;
    Прийди, Господь,наполни всех.
    …Спасибо,путь волна объятий,
    В Твоих руках,в Твоей красе,
    Огромный шквал благодарений
    Тебе Господь,только Тебе!
    Хвала,на веки,на веках,
    Хвала и низкие поклоны,
    Любовь прими,прими от всех,
    Посколько Ты один достоин.
    …О,Бог,земля наполнилась Тобою,
    И слава вечная сошла,
    Чтоб Ты ходил…Ты так достоин,
    Везде Твое…Как Ты Бог благ.

  5. I was such a skeptical Christian with so much unbelief but I am totally convinced about God, His love, His existence, and I believe in miracles!!!! Thank you Jesus Christ, you alone are Lord!!!


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