But First, by Daniel Kolenda

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  1. I just watched just now I covered my head and was praying now my left leg is completely healed now I can’t feel any pain also in my right arm as well. Thank you Daniel Kolenda

  2. Solid Bible teaching followed by manipulation. God draws the sinner through his Word. Faith comes from hearing the message. The Holy Spirit does the converting, not repeating the words of a prayer put into our mouth. I appreciate Daniel's ministry and pray for him that he puts aside human tradition and follows God's Word only. Day of Pentecost 3,000 were saved but no miracles of healing that day are noted, so to say that this is the biblical pattern always is not true.

  3. Thank you Brother Daniel for this message. It was an awakening. A powerful life changing experience. I committed to serving God faithfully. I was led to this message from a pathway of messages beginning with Brother Michael Dowd, to Brother Michael Koulinos to Brother Brian Guerin and now to you. God led me to this point and I give him all the glory and honor. God Bless you and all these great men of God. My hope and prayer is to be led by Jesus. Not to live the life I want but the one that God the Father has for me. In Jesus name, in Jesus name, in Jesus name and for his glory. Amen!!!


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