'' Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties "– Pastor Paula White-Cain

Acknowledge, reject and replace! Pray a prayer of deliverance! And embrace the only true reality for you! You are what God’s word says you are in Christ! God’s word, Christ in you is your true reality for you if you are born again!
”The only way you can ever overcome your condition is to know who you are in Christ! 🙂 ” ~ A brilliant message from Pastor Paula

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Comment (29)

  1. Paula White is unleashing extra dimensional horrors into this plane of existence….
    She is the high priestess of Yaldabaoth…. 1st servant of the Demiurge….
    Along with her partners Jeffrey Epstein and DJT she will unleash hell on earth…. Bow down to your priestess…. Commit the unspeakable…. YOU ARE HER CURRENCY….. YOUR SOUL IS HERS TO SELL…..

  2. Is she not forbidden to preach (1Cor14:34-35, 1Th2:12), is not she? Is she obligated to cover her head (1Cor11) while she pray, is not she? Why she is not obeying God's Word in so simple matter? Is this the reason why she is telling everyone what's God is going to do and what God is not going to do, but God is sovereign (Ps135:6), and she even do not understand it? Is this not one of reasons that God forbid woman's to preach, because God maybe knew that if they do, there would be such weird heresies like this in the result? Fear God, do not listen to preachers, listen to God in Bible, you will not find there such teachings ever.

  3. Trump is the most ungodly tie she could have ever made. He lived a life of lust, adultery, lies and deception yet she quickly joined him like two robbers planning a robbery. White has been divorced multiple times and has fleeced her flock with lazer accuracy. She is not a amatuer deceiver shes a professional.


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