Break The Power Of Sin With This Truth | Joseph Prince

Experience the power of God’s forgiveness and be set free from bitterness, negativity, and depressive thoughts!
This excerpt is from: The Power of Forgiveness Brings Freedom (21 Jun 2020)

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In this foundational message by Joseph Prince, discover how to uproot wrong beliefs that have stopped you from living with peace, joy, and every wonderful blessing that is rightfully yours in Christ. Discover how you can:

• Experience God’s unconditional love for you and begin to live a life that glorifies Him.
• Freely receive healing, health, and wholeness when you see how God has forgiven you of all your sins.
• Break free from the cycle of negative behavior and enjoy true, lasting transformation.
• See your relationships with your family and loved ones improve and flourish like never before.

Beloved, let this fresh revelation of God’s forgiveness give you the victory to reign in life!

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Comment (34)

  1. Dear pastor Prince ; few months now ,God told me to learn from you . Yes ,I had dreams , you are ready to train me , and I saw myself getting ready to go to you get training .
    And I'm listening to your po reaching every day as the Lord had told me

  2. To be disappointed in ourselves is to trust in ourselves, that is so true. Regret is remembering times I let myself down, and that's only because I trusted in myself. Let's trust in Jesus. Amen

  3. Thank you for this teaching i received it and thank you that we serve a good God according to the scripture God is merciful and compassionate in Psalm 103 .God bless you Joseph Prince .

  4. Thank you Lord for forgiving your children and accepting us even after knowing we are sinners. Let your love and peace fill the hearts of all who have accepted you as Saviour and guide us to walk im your ways. In Jesus name we pray.Amen

  5. Amen Pastor Prince This is the springboard, the mother of all God's Blessings: WE ARE FROGIVEN OF ALL MEANING ALL PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE.(period) Please pray for me


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