Bishop Oyedepo speaks on Tithing – LATEST

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  1. Interesting how men of God believes that the 630+ laws of the old testament has been terminated by christ and yet still pick and choose from the same laws they believe as ended.

  2. Many many will say Lord Lord and He will say “I never knew you”. Let that not be one of you reading this comment. Trust in Jesus alone, understand the bible and seek godly teachers who will not twist God’s word for money:

  3. Tithing is the favourite subject of pastors because they prosper at the expense of poor believers. The Old Testament doctrine of tithing is abused diametrically without proper consultation on the principles of New Testament.

  4. Pastors and politicians are the problems of the country nigeria, some members and citizens are getting poorer but pastors are buying private jets

  5. I have always asked why the churches have special time for tith not repentence and seeking God. Is it more important to pay tith than seeking God and His ways. Why do we give high priority to tithing.

  6. Is life all about money and prosperity? Those are all earthly things plain vanity. Seek ye the kingdom of God, get closer to him in retreats, prayer and fasting to hear him speak to you.

  7. Why are you not practicing the rituals of sacrifices, and other oldish things that they practiced in the Old Testament days? You select parts that suits your thieving message to get your members keep bringing money to you. Only your members can believe that rubbish of a message. May God open the eyes of your gullible believers who you deceive with this phony message. I can see how much you have brainwashed them.

  8. God will severely judge those who ignore the poor and needy, only to pay ungodly tithes and offerings to these billionaire preachers. Hell is hot!

  9. To whom do the agnostic and atheist billionaires like Gates and Buffet pay their tithes, if you must pay tithes to prosper? Blatant lies!

  10. If all the laws of God are valid for all time and God has not changed, why don’t you sacrifice bulls and goats for the remission of your sins as was the case in the old testament? Preaching porous, vile doctrines of devils- monetary tithing! New testament tithing has no scriptural backing, not one. Liars!

  11. If you're not convinced to pay tithe, no problem dont pay , but if youre convinced that it remain a covenant practice, then pay. Enough of all these debates and open criticism of men of God . It is wrong to say wrong things to the annoited ,leave them to God. Talk to the Holy spirit for direction if confused.

  12. Tithes was not made for one man to eat it, tithes was made for the orphans , widows and the Levites since they don't have an inherentance in Israel, now we have people who are enriching themselves through tithes.

  13. How can you take tithe when Christ did not command , you are just taking the money from people. Tithe was only for the Levy in OT, in NT the Bible say we should give as we proposed in our heart. 2Cor. 9:6-7.


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