Bishop David Oyedepo @ UNDERSTANDING DIVINE DIRECTION – PART 1A September 7, 2016

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  1. Thank you Sir. Bishop Oyedepo, May God continue to Bless and use you Mightily..I read your book in fast and prayer and received prophetic divine revelation about my destiny and you became a spiritual father to me and further introduce me to Pastor Adeboye and Pastor Enenche. You great Men of God were the catalysts that brought about my deliverance from the power of darkness in my life. God Bless you!!!

  2. Thanks a lot for the videos you are uploading. You have no idea how many lives you are blessing. But please, when we are watching i think your phone or something rings and interrupt the sermon, can you please find a solution to that in your next uploads ? Please anytime you upload Something on Divine Direction, How to be led by the Spirit or How to hear from God or be in his perfect will or Divine purpose… Please and please, tag me. Thank youuuuuuuuuuu.

  3. I hope I can count on your channel for live transmission from Canaan land services always both midweek and Sunday services @Moses Ntam


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