Bishop David Oyedepo – 50 mins Tongues* Of* Fire*

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  1. UPDATED: Paul admonished me to
    pray without ceasing, so I took the bible as being 100% true. I have therefore been
    praying in tongues now for 10+ years, 5 to 10 hours each day. I am so glad I
    did not quit along the way, or look for outward signs that my prayers were
    doing well for others or myself. For the longest time there was no evidence of
    edification visible, everything appeared to be the same. I went against all my
    emotions and natural excuses to quit, BUT, Then about 4 years into this
    adventure I began to experience the Holy Ghost in a new way, he begins to
    explain passages of the written word to me, that made the gospel understandable
    to me. As I continued PIT for long hours every day and night, I began to have
    unusual favor dropping on me without asking anyone for anything, the favor was
    overtaking me at every turn, in slight ways that only I could recognize and
    know. Now as I continue to PIT there is from time to time a new dimension to my
    prayers, I have a change in tongues, known as the message in tongues and
    Interpretations of tongues, I write these Interpretations out, as they are
    things that are being said to me about my near and/or distant future, and these
    utterances never fail to come to pass. Now I prophecy in English almost at will
    without a pre-ceding tongue, and they too are 100 percent accurate and do come
    to pass. Sometimes they are insights into biblical texts, or little mini
    revelations about obscure bible passages. Bible subjects that Paul, James,
    Jude, John, or Peter wrote concerning. Mysteries explained, prayed out. Now I
    am stepping it up on purpose praying more hours on a consistent basis, as God
    has blessed me with more time available, I now only have to work 2- 5 hours per
    day to receive the amount of money it takes me to live. I recommend you start,
    do not look back or even think of stopping your adventure, PIT without ceasing will
    yields big favor and grace. God says if you pray in tongues excessively it will
    make you irresistible, in my words “whatever you need will find you, it cannot
    stay away, it will find you”. PIT is a revelation gift to the body of Christ;
    the only gift we totally control the operation of. I can pray anytime I want
    to, for as long as I want, just because I choose to pray. Jude said as we pray
    we are building a house from the ground up, building upon the foundation of the
    Apostles and Prophets, Jesus said he was preparing a place for me in the
    Fathers house (the church) Jesus said it would be built and fully furnished,
    the church will be full of Mansions that had been placed there by the Father.
    For the Fathers habitation translated permanent places of his abode. That my
    friend is what we are becoming when we pray in tongues, these permanent places
    of Gods dwelling, placed in the father’s house (church) by Jesus our lord and
    savior. We are placed into the church as it pleases Jesus. We choose to pray or
    not pray, when and where and how long to spend in our prayer closet. I have yet
    to go into an actual closet, I pray as I do my daily chores. I understand by
    reading the bible, this gift when entered into fully brings rest, REST from
    life’s toils and hard labor, Jesus gave me this gift, as Apostle Paul said I do
    not want to despise Gods gifts. The Holy Spirit prays through me the exact next
    thing I am going to need before I become aware of my need, and he then brings
    those things to me. With the assistance of the heavenly helpers (angels on
    assignments) without my human labor to obtain, I just receive them when they
    arrive. This is the REST wherewith he causes the weary to rest! PIT, no-ceasing.
    PIT is a revelation gift, as you PIT the scripture is revealed, your calling
    and your ministry will be revealed and how to fulfill your ministry step by
    step, day by day these things are revealed, a little at a time. Paul said he
    did not shadow box but he always hit the target, why because of day by day
    revelation. Most people will not endure long enough to draw water from this
    deep well, if it is not quick fast and, in a hurry, most people quit before
    they get a taste of the provision freely given by God. Grace, Favor and Freedom
    from the curse of mammon which enslaves your time and puts most into chains of
    financial bondage. I can now understand the Apostle Peter when he wrote the
    admonition to cast all my care upon Jesus and he will care (take care of me)
    for me, as a husband cares for his wife. This will end in disaster unless you
    have prayed yourself to a level where the Holy Ghost gives you instruction to
    quit your day job and be a full-time person of prayer, I have not arrived yet.
    The reverse is true also, if I carry my worries around, I become prey for the devourer,
    the roaring lion who is looking for heavy laden prey to devour. People full of
    debt and working 50+ hours per week, and their spouse too, this is bondage, the
    Holy Spirit will free you from it as you PIT without ceasing. Remember why God
    set the Hebrews free from Pharaoh, because they did not have time to pray or
    worship God. God wants his people free. AMEN and AMEN!     October 01, 2014    Page 1

  2. Brothers, just as the Israelites worked as bricks and mortar in Egypt, so many Christians in Pakistan live like slaves to Bhutto and their families are in debt. Pray for them so that they People are free

  3. The man praying, is a general in our generation. God made him a force that moves mountains, and destroying barriers of life. I have spoken, as an apostle of Jesus Christ, in the name of YESHUA HAMASHIACH.

  4. un catholique ne peut pas prendre la sainte cène chez un baptiste. Un baptiste ne peut pas prendre la sainte cène chez un méthodiste, chez un assemblée de dieux… Et la Bible dit que toute cette confusion monte de l'abîme et va en enfer. Qu'est-ce que c'est? Le christianisme est le royaume de Satan. Et chaque dimanche, Satan est adoré dans toutes les églises du monde au Nom de Jésus.

  5. Pray for Lenox Hill hospital for cafeteria in mangers doing wrong things to the workers Cristina livanos Scott raisch John azzopadi pray for them in Jesus name amen

  6. Page 2 PIT SELAH, Praying in tongues is just a supernatural as raising the dead, Selah! When one chooses to polish his gift to the maximum then the operation of that gift through that person becomes undeniably supernatural. That gift when operated will render the fruit of its operation. If you are an evangelist and operate in the gift of working of miracles when that gift is polished to its utmost then raising the dead becomes normal for that person. Others look on with all and would desire to duplicate his work, but without the months and years, this person has dedicated to polishing his gift this would be impossible under normal conditions. When a person has developed the gift of praying in tongues to its supernatural level then all the fruits of that gift begin to manifest around the person who has given himself over to the work of the Lord using this gift that is PIT. We have only begun to scratch the surface to find out what all fruit praying in tongues will produce, some of the things we do know are these, it is the will of God for believers to pray in tongues, it is supernatural, it does produce recognizable fruit. Some of that fruit is the heart of Jesus manifested through that believer, prosperity in the natural realm, men and women are drawn to that person because of the Christ in him. We also know that PIT is a revelation gift it reveals the heart of the father to that individual. The New Testament is a part of the heart of God, so by PIT the New Testament becomes plainly understood.PIT is also a gift that allows Holy Ghost to roll out the red carpet ahead of you months and years in advance. Holy Ghost is then allowed to work out the details of every situation at a time, the believer that excels in PIT then walks in a glorious realm unknown to the average Christian at this time. Jesus never struggled with the situations of life, Jesus always had more than enough, Jesus had many friends and families that he ministered to with signs and wonders and miracles, this was a normal life were Jesus. When we are born again the heart of Jesus comes into our new spirit, whereby we cry Abba father, which is to say heavenly father I now know that you are my daddy and my provider. This revelation brings peace and grace. It also brings a revelation that there is more from Abba for us to receive, this brings about a pang of hunger to know and inner into the things of God. One of those things is to be baptized in Holy Ghost, for a while we are satisfied with that experience but then we realize there is more, we noticed the gifts of the spirit so we desire to excel in those gifts. Holy Ghost knowing and understanding this attempts to lead us to the eighth office that Jesus placed in the church which is the diversities of tongues, I have used the term PIT to describe this office many times. Jesus the head of the church appoints different individuals to operate in this office, if that is you then Holy Ghost will give you a supernatural desire and craving to polish this office and your ability to operate in it to the utmost. Holy Ghost will lead you into your prayer closet many times each day desiring that you pray in tongues rather than your native language, Holy Ghost is most effective when he is authoring the prayer that father will say yes to every time, all of the promises of God are Yea and Amen in Christ Jesus. Allowing Holy Ghost to pray in tongues as a way of life is giving God inside you the right and the authority to bring God’s best into your life so that you have an abundance to minister to others both in the natural realm (money) and in the spiritual realm, which are the nine gifts of the born-again spirit. I hope this helps you to understand your inward desire to fulfill the calling of the office of Diversity of Tongues, which is the will of God concerning you. Shalom!


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