Billy Graham Interviewed by Lester Sumrall (RARE)

A MUST for every Christian’s Library: “The Life Story of Lester Sumrall”

This insightful conversation between these two titans of the faith is encouraging and instructive. From evangelism to prophecy, politics, and the Middle East you’ll learn a great deal in this unique interview.

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Lester Sumrall describes his personal experience with generals of the faith in, “Pioneers of Faith”

Thank you for connecting with these Generals of the Faith and learning their story!

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  1. Please pray for me I'm in need of healing from the after effect of Polio that is theateing my life Lord God I choose Life and complete Heath in the name of Jesus Christ my healer. I shall live and not die and declare the works of Lord. I will glorify God Almighty in the land of living. Amen

  2. I once attended at the Manila Bethel Temple in Manila where Dr. Lester Sumrall has founded.
    Later it became The Cathedral of Praise with his son Dr. David Sumrall as pastor. I want my life to be like these two Men of God.

  3. If only all Leaders, pastors and Ministers like this…. They are covered with Wisdom of GOD Holy Spirit and only Reveal Truth not Lies against Jesus.
    MEN of GOD who does not spread HATE but Truth

  4. At 15 I went to see Billy Graham and got saved. Oakland Coliseum. Never forgotten. Praise God for all the blessings. I have a walk with God that is sweet. America needs people like Gods annointed. God needs to take charge which is what I believe is happening. I hope people will be come back to God including in our schools.

  5. Glory to our father Yeshua and the messiah Jesus Christ. These are only two of many. Stephen Darby is a new school pastor. Charles Lawson is another. Chuck Missler is another giant in the faith. Also ones who do the lords work are the private saints who war in the spiritual in the name of Jesus Christ

  6. Wonderful to hear these two great, but humble men of God, Billy Graham and Lester Summerall discussing spiritual matters and hearing the wisdom that flows from their mouths ! They've both passed on to glory, however, their messages are still impacting people to change! including myself today in 2020.


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