Beware of False Doctrines — Rick Renner

How should you respond when false teachings appear in your church? What does it really mean to be a good minister? Find out in this powerful Bible teaching by Rick Renner.

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  1. Yes I too appreciate pastor Rick's study @ use of Hebrew @ Greek words @ their meanings. It's so rich. It helps bring understanding of the scriptures. Thank you @ bless you .

  2. Many are moved slowly into false Doctrine error always leads to more error. I have heard pastors quote things that does not line up with the word of God. The Holy Spirit will teach you truth. Thats why its so important to stay in the word even if you dont understand it as you read it. The Holy Spirit will help you as you hear someone teach or preach to know if what they say is the truth or not. He will bring to your mind what the word says about something. The word is a Lamp into my feet and a light into my path.

  3. Great teaching i have been reading Ricks teachings and listening to him for years you wont find any better teaching if you dont have any of his books i encourage you to get them. I was amazed when i bought my first books of Ricks teachings. I mean each book ive bought is so full of Knowledge and gives you a clear understanding of Gods word. I have heard so many people say the reason they dont read the bible much is because they cant seem to understand it. I can promise you if you are a person who loves Gods word and you want to learn you will love Ricks books such as (Living in the Combat zone) (Seducing spirits and Doctrines of Demons) (Dressed to Kill) You will be suppriced how much you have missed out on by not having these teachings. I found when i started reading i didnt want to lay the books down Honestly i wish i could memorize ever book i have by Rick. Every Pastor should own his teachings.


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