Believing When You're Not Seeing | Joel Osteen

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  1. I just lost my job, I worked there for 10 years. It was home to me, I got too comfortable, even though God had shown me signs I had to move forward. I didn't listened, then i got let go. Thank you for the message, you are right, my God is working behind the scenes and is going to make things happened that I never dreamed possible.

  2. Guys! Look how close Joel is to 2,000,000 subscribers!!! Let’s give back and get him there (he deserves it). If each of us can get 3 of our family or friends to subscribe, we’ll get him there in no time. At the least, copy this message and paste it in the chat every time you watch Joel. Also, thumbs up each video (if you like it). It causes his videos to show up more frequently in YouTube’s algorithm. Keep up the great work and God bless you! – Dart

  3. I love how Joel said we all have to go through a season of silence. Bro my who life has been silence. After 25 years I don’t blame myself for losing hope

  4. Blind too long I really appreciate you being able to help out with this opening and restore my faith in God's love for me I ran from my heart destined to follow the lord for my life to be one that is more than 43 years of experience with shadows. Angels are a great company to be able to take my life into a better place than ever before imagined. I trust this in Jesus name

  5. I wish I canAnd connect with the Galaxy and universe and stars and Sun and Moon and satellite and planes and TV and phone and radio and radio stations and cars everywhere I go to

  6. Good morning Pastor Joel, thank you for teaching the Word of God. You have inspired my husband and I to be our best. I know listen to your messages everyday. My life keeps improving.I now speak of God's promise to myself and to my children. Thank you to your beautiful wife too! God is indeed faithful!

  7. When I last listened to this audio I was looking for a host family in USA in time limit of 2 months. The family I got I didn’t want it yet I felt I had no time so I decided to wait on God and later I got the exact family I prayed for and it took me up. It is beautiful to wait on God for what you believe in. Thank you God am more than happy. You gave me double. A lovely host family. You are never late

  8. Thank you so much for these powerful words. I'm at a cross road in my life right now, and I need to make tough decisions. I think about giving up on those dreams I have. But though your encouraging and inspiring words I know, God plans is always better than my plans. I have my faith in him.


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